Well I got most of the interective mode setup, actually swapping the data out to file is next. Not sure where the fkBuild() function will lead but it won’t end up back into the mainLoop (hence the ForK prefix). After the thing runs assuming I ever sort out the PBI generation part it self things look good. The final thing to do will be setting it up to tell weather it is in batch or interactive modes. What I’m thinking is simple

appname /usr/ports/packages/All/package.tbz
Runs it in interactive mode, user has to set the data to create a suitable .desktop file.

appname /usr/ports/packages/All/package.tbz ~/datafile
Run as a batch job reading stuff from dtafile in order to process the job.

Thanks to dropping into #kde I found out basically how to manipulate the K-Menu manually. I’m sure it’s simular for making Desktop Icons because of the files. I’d just have to figure out how to set it up correctly not concerned with it though.

Once it’s complete and if ever fully functional it shouldn’t be to hard for a GUI program to work around its batch mode. That infernal QT Designer is still more then I’m up to handling without reading the manual yet.