Ok been working on a Vi user how to, I want ot ge that finished by monday. Note to self disable my word wrapping settings before editing the file.

I tested the *.desktop files a bit and I’ve tweaked the program accordingly. getInput now asks for a K-Menu name for the program, should it run in a terminal or not (with a function to handle that). The mkXML file now is ready to handle the new data and sets Startup Notifications on for every thing. MIME types, Web links, and Doc links aside I think mkXML is read op.

One thing I have learned is that Regular Expressions are fun things, makes life very easy at times 🙂
Really using a mix of unix util in the shell I think one could bypass a text editor all to gether but the slide-sling of file redirection makes me understand how editors like ed and ex became standard programs in UNIX before vi was created.