General blah

Starting to hit that busy season, looks like I’ll probably be working (lightly) even on Christmas day. My endovers to automate PBI generation are only lacking the ability to create a PBI file. I know I could just use it to create a .pbc file to use PBI Creator in but PBI Creators issues have been my major reason for not submitting many PBI. I want to move from creating custom install scripts during the build process and instead mod a templet to meet the needs of the project. Short of the out right refusual to help in the PBI generation sector this things going to be completed if I have to install PC-BSD via emulation on my desktop. Installed ksh93 on Vectra to day, looking for a replacement for tcsh with vi editing mode. Only to learn that tcsh has a vi editing mode, slightly different then bourne styles after reading the manuals +S Ksh93 looks live a very good shell so far, I basically wanted a version of ash with completion but without the size of bash. Well I think bash is smaller then ksh but oh well I ‘m used to zsh now 🙂 I also set up my .profile to split config into .kshrc if I login using ksh93 instead of (a)sh. I’ve got to finish my home work and vi how to, rather do the how to then the school work. Been a very stressful day, I never seem to be able to get any rest. Even when I do it’s usually crap. After most of a week, I finnally got to read my mail…. My work with this PBI thing should have been finished the day after Thanksgiving but I couldn’t get the time to do it all in a stretch. Life doesn’t always match up to desire.