Late shift

I’ve tweaked a few things based on my templetfications of the PBI.*.sh scripts, I can’t finish the process totally right now because I’m not at my laptop. While I keep the working (i.e. working on) copy of the file on my Lexar the actual project files including the templets are on my laptops HDD.

To do

  1. Finish pbi installer scripts and option to allow user to hand edit them using kwrite or ee
  2. Allow user to input the license and save it to a file to make a K-Menu link
  3. Fool proof icon setup
  4. Implement GTK+ support to getLibs // Prolly not till later
  5. Add demaind + support for a readme file and weblink k-menu entry, add associated functions
  6. Sort out templets to check if pkg is all ready instaleld, if possible also check for PBI.
  7. Implement “planB” routine(s) to fork out of fkBuild and wrap around PBI Creator, creating a minimalistic PBC file just in case

I don’t want ot have to use PBI Creator for this but if I can get by with generating a PBC file and running PBI Creator from the program. Using the PBC file to provide only what my system can’t do it it’s self. It might make a stop-gap for releasing it early but if it turns out to be the only way. At least it will be ready, not a set back. Considering that PC-BSD is open source under a BSD style license. I could probably poke around and try to find out how to implement some thing my self given enough time but some how I feel that would be redefining the words. Having to “Reverse Engineer” a “Open Source” application which is really an Oxy Moron if I ever heard it. So if the developers can’t help me bypass PBI Creator…. I’ll have to live with it and scream bloody murder if changes to PBI Creator & the .pbc file format ever phL|{|<$ //3 over.