Bubble brain

Well I’ve been working on a forked/branched off type thing of the origenal script. Geared for the purpose of auto-generating a PBI both as a proof of concept and development field. After its finished I’ll try to merge it into the main file (now interactive-branch). The only problem I see atm is icons. I’m going to try and get this version done so I can use it to show proof of concept that a script can be used to create a PBI file, with some measure of success.

It’s been going pretty well, some stretch converting stuff so getLibs can handle being run on a list instead as a part of a loop but all is good. Been doing most of the work in a ssh session on Vectra. So I’ve basically been using nvi instead of vim, good editor really. Well alls been good un till 20 minutes ago. My head feels like it’s in a bubble – total computational thought crash.

This is what happens when I have to play “hopping monkey” after dinner, my brain crashes and it don’t leave no coredump file for me to pick over what the frig I was analizing.