Funky Monkey

OK – We have progess and we have bugs.

To night I have completed most of what I would like to call scraptest code or testscrap code. Basically it’s my feelings for the kinda stuff ya just write to test it as you work on it with out meddling up your main source file/routines e.t.c. You could say it’s about as close to spagetti as I’m willing to get. I know what it does because I just wrote it ! And have time to comment it before re-writting it.

So far we are able to generate a PBI file pretty easy, the only problem is dealing with the PBI Files creation. I think I need to supply more info to the program before I can get a PBI that ‘works’ out of it, although aside from not even being able to pass standards. It’s a functional process – well it is essentially a throw away implementation but if I can gear it up. I’ll merge it into the main script file(s). It’s only a days work but it’s pretty good for the amature (me) and my wanting a proof-of-concept ironed out.

I’m not there 100% yet but I know there is a way to auto-mate the creation of PBI’s and I’m going to find it, some how, some way, some day !

Since nvi (afaik) only uses tabs and I have vim set to use spaces I think I’m going to be switched to using tabs instead of spaces for indentation. It beats having to toggle expandtab based on what editor I wrote the file in. When vim.orgs vim scripts section is up I’ll look for a fixer upper hehe.

I wish my mom would understand, I have got to be able to work. I need my freedom to pour into a problem till I solve it, with breaks of course but still long, through concintration. I know I’m not the best about getting things done (nor quickly) but I know I can solve this, aside from one really funky win-like feeling things have gone well. Sigh, I wish I could do more, learn more, be more…