Well it approches new years… I don’t have any thing I wish to say about the holidays at the moement. SO far, I feel as if I’m ready to spread out but I’m told to wear shoes two sizes to small. I could go so much further given what I need.. yet I’m stuck shoveling $|-|1+. To day at work I thought up an interesting project, one that I could use to teach me a lot more about Object Oriented design and implementations. Some thing I could sit down and attack it till I learned every thing I’d need to finish it, then vim around till it was a master peice some day. The end result? I don’t ph|_|{|<1||6 have the bloody time to do it. Ether to program it all or to learn what I need and would love to learn to do it. Finnally this weekend I get some time off, four days and I’m spending it on the servers. Get my fat NCO arsch back to duty. Even my studies for a new language have been going slow. I wanted to work on learning a word a day, complete with the words sex, spelling, and pronouciation.