I tared and bziped all the files I wanted to save from my home directory and
copied my /etc directory and /boot/loader.conf file to my recovery partition.

I opened konqueror and navigated to my smb shares to copy the 660MB.tar.bz2
file over. Thats not to bad for 800+ MB of files hehe.

Booted off the 1.3 install disk (disk 1) and slected an upgrade for my 1.3
install. Yes to allow NTP and BSDStats. THen it stated with the update.

Reboot whent without problem, it generated a new ssh keys e.t.c. I was unable
to login, I wasn’t sure if KDE wasn’t starting or if the update broke my login
database or some thing because I had rebuilt it after making some
configuration changes or what. I switched to a ttyv and tried to login, I got
as far as the new motd and bombed out back to getty with the error message that
/usr/local/bin/zsh didn’t exsist. Ok no problem there, logged in as root and
did a portinstall of shells/zsh

Desktop was mostly normal the only changes being my icon set and wallpaper was delted so I got the defaults. Even Vim which Iinstalled from source was removed. Aramroki.pbi is broken by this update:

Amarok could not find any sound-engine plugins. Amarok is now updating the KDE configuration database. Please wait a couple of minutes, then restart Amarok.
If this does not help, it is likely that Amarok is installed under the wrong prefix, please fix your installation using:
$ cd /path/to/amarok/source-code/
$ su -c “make uninstall”
$ ./configure –prefix=`kde-config –prefix` && su -c “make install”
$ kbuildsycoca
$ amarok
More information can be found in the README file. For further assistance join us at #amarok on irc.freenode.net.

Gee thanks PC-BSD.

My USB stick does not automount when I plug it in. I don’t really mind since I tend to leave it in and have to mount it by hand. Now look at this:

Terry@Dixie$ mount /mnt/da0s1 17:24
mount: /mnt/da0s1: unknown special file or file system
Terry@Dixie$ mount_msdosfs /dev/da0s1 /mnt/da0s1 17:25

EXACTLY the samerly thing that was in the RC, fixed my ass. The onyl difference is it failed to mount the drive. On my fresh install on the desktop it auto-mounted to /media/LEXAR a temp mnt point that bypassed the documented /mnt/da0s* all together. On here I have to mount it specifically as a fat32 fs from the CLI.

Now very strangely every thing that was installed into /usr/local/ is gone. Yet for example wmclockmon and blackbox. They are no longer in the database /var/db/pkg according to pkg_info but they are still installed into /usr/X11R6/ so I think they did a booboo here. I’m very interested in just what exactly the installers upgrade feature does to my system.

The end result is that every PBI must be reinstalled from Seamonkey to Java. The least they could’ve done if they wanted to erase every thing installed into /usr/local period was to rm all in /Programs too. So now if I ever have a problem installing a new version of blackbox or any thing window maker before the translition is comlete. They will here from me directly !!

Even the entire linux compat was FUBAR. Realplayer.pbi made by Kris Moore RPM’d in its deps but they are gone. Yet the 1.3 upgrade installed a FC4 Linux ABI. Complete with linux flashplugin wrapper. Since I need gmake to build most stuff I know of using GTK, if QT needs any thing other then qmake probably you need gmake for QT/KDE apps too.

Luckly my gkrellm2.pbi is ran from my Autostart directory stright from the PBI in /Programs rather then my path. So no problem there. Copied over my wallpapers and its good I have the old icon sets as part of my KDE icon sets PBI that I was working on. It would auto install any of them if not detected and delete them all at removal if one wanted.

THANK GOD the new Kaffeine is more stable it was driving me crazy. At least I have some thing that will play .ogg files now danke !

Since my install of the allcodecs PBI installed to /usr/lib I don’t expect any problems with media playback unless I install some thing from ports. Personally I think I will just cut up the pbi db and rm most of /Programs/* and start over. At least my system seems stable. I see changes in /PCBSD/cardDetect but as long as I don’t have to screw around to get my resolution back I’m happy enough.

It seems they didn’t meddle with /etc to much good because I lost my backup of it. I fixed /etc/login.conf and a few fles to spec and rebuild the db. Think I lost al changes in /etc/ssh but I can borrow a copy from Vectra.

So far the half assed job of uninstalling software before hand and breaking most of my PBIs aside and making me have to type 2x as much to mount my USB stick aside. I’m happier with the upgrade then with the fresh install. I see they owned my loader.conf file so is it a wonder my Atheros card is not detected ? I’ll merge these real quick after checking the diff. I don’t know what they did that I see no sound drivers being loaded at without using loader.conf or defualts/loader.conf but hopefully it will help people getting sound working.

I loaded my wlan and ath modules and got back online in a snap. Unpacked my always on hand copy of the vim source code in /tmp and began to configure and gmake it with gtk20 support. The changes made to konquerors profiles were lost on me since I customized most of them in my home directory. I usually use PersonalBrowser and SmallExplorer or Kommander the ones I made any way.

To clean up the PBI problem I removed all broken PBI directories from /Programs.
I removed the scripts in /Programs/.sbin that they used. I removed the entries from /Programs/.config/ProgList after backing it up just in case. It says not to edit by hand but I don’t think I can do much damage with a backup in hand. Still I don’t trust any of the PC-BSD utils as far as I can throw a 100 Ton Atlas. I removed a few things in /usr/local/share that were left over. I changed over to /usr/local/share/applnk/My Programs where the K-Menu entries for PBI are kept. And eracticated the ones left.

I removed the borken links in /usr/X11R6/* and /usr/home/Terry/.kde/share/applnk/M Programs/. Of course I could have used PC-BSDs software manager to do most of this but I would rather keep that strong connection with my system that I have from regular usage. So far life is good, I’ll just make an alias or a script for mounting my USB stick and assuming that the Amarok.pbi is totally incompabible with PC-BSD 1.3 I will half to make some packages on my desktop and jet them over. Hopefully there won’t be much problem with it

So far the update looks to have gone good. Stabiltiy may be better then it was
before, software is up to date without me having to compile it all for 24
hours. BSDStats should now track my system and it seems the denyhosts stuff was
setup but I don’t think PF was, good I’ve been needing to read the manual on
that any way.

What was the cost? Downloading the install disks ISO and burning it to a CD-R.
Having to reinstall much software, most of which was installed via PBI or
stright from sources, having to clean up after the upgrade broke/remove it all
(I did it the harder way), Loosing my many icon sets and wallpapers. Lucky for
me I keep my wallpapers in my home directory and copy them over to KDE hehe ^_^
and I was working on a PBI full of icon sets. The highest price, Amarok my
favorite music player. Also my /usr/local/projects folder with the files for my
KDE icon sets, Amarok styles (lucky I have this one in my home dir), Ogle, Vim,
Blackbox, xmss and others that I forgot to backup before PC-BSD wasted it by

Oh wells theres always ports 🙂