Live Op #5

My 5th live oop, a failure but a well done one.

Hexen made the map, Miles ran the op. Very good although I think it was morea job for Rainbow then the SAS 🙂

Profesional Tangos took over the bang, at least 3 hostages or more. All presumed in the upper conference room. GSG9 called in to storm it, mission failed. Hostage takers issued demands, SAS called in. Sniper support with eyes on Obj. Team:

Red One: SAS_LCpl_Leon
Red Two: SAS_Sgt_Wiz
Gold: SAS_Cpl_Spidey01 (EL)
Blue Two: SAS_Trp_Fox (2IC)
Blue One: SAS_Cpl_Rasa

Rifle-One: GSG9_Bones (SAS_Trp_Miles) on special loan from the locals for Sniper/Intel support.

I assigned the callsigns/formations since they elected me EL while I was away. With mostly the help of Fox and Rasa I sorted our plan of action. We would enter threw the side door of the [SAS]_Banking_House map. Clear the area and drop gas at the ends of the hall. Move up stairs, Red One and Red Two button hooking, slicing pies and dropping a gas on the risky side. Blue Two placing a charge while Blue One would cover me to clear to back rooms. As Red Team got in position on the other side of the Obj. I’d high tail around, place a C2 on the door while Red and Blow readied. I’d rejoin Blue Team and give the GO.

My charge would blow the far door from us open. Foxes Charge would blow our door. Wiz and Rasa would chuck in flashbangs to cover the room. While Bones (Miles) would snipe. Like this

| R1 |
| |
| b _______ |
| R2 / |
| | | |
C | Table | D
D | | C
| | | |
| | | B1 |__D___
D ________/ b | G |
| B1 W |


R1 = Red One B1 = Blue One
R2 = Red Two B2 = Blue Two
G = Gold C = Charge
b = Bang D = Door
W = Window

Red would bang and button hook Snipers-left, Blue would Breach Bang and button hook Snipers-right. I would blast the first charge (deversionary entry) and kick in the door to the adjacent room to take care of any threat to Blue, risky but clock work. No one would be in any ones line of fire, well maybe the hostages but you can’t help that.

Every one would give a clear, Fox (B2) would nab the hostages and I’d set up in the hallway and call a reform. If there was less then 3 hostages, B1 the Rear Guard (Rasa) would guard the hostages while Rifle-One covered with a sniper rifle and hide in a secure room near by. R1, R2, G, B2 would form up and move out going door-to-door-to-door bang by bang trying to clear the remaining (other half) of the upstairs as quickly and as safe as possible. We couldn’t be sure if their would be hostages in the other areas and we couldn’t risk the known hostages for them. If we whent precision clearing RvS style with no tacaids we would loose a hostage and compromise the mission. So any one out there had to sit tight.

If at least three hostages were there, we’d grab them and huzzle out to Exfil. Take a sec to catch our breath then start systematicly clearing the buildings other half till we got the other hostage(s).

Sounds great eh? Especially since we couldn’t have long sticks /w bangs to flash the windows or bang/breach & repel threw the things from the roof like IRL. All whent well till we got in side on the stairs. A door open at 12, hostage sighted and ran for us. Door to the target open at 3 (to hostage room) and tangos coming our way. Rasa got shot and he was the Rear Guard, then the hostage got shot. Some times life just tosses you a ball that smacks you in the head, can’t catch it.

Was a very good map, we also planned it like clockwork. I lead it, Rasa and Miles (Bones) being cheif advisors as possible. Every one got to do Q&C, nothing left to chance but dumb luck. Which shot us in the toe.

Since I screwed up and took the wrong tactical aids and it was like 1min into it. We did it again, Rasa brought a time machine 8=( They put it to a vote. Rasa, Miles, and Wiz voted yes the rest refused. Oh well, I’m not much on the idea for me its strictly one shot john. We did it by the numbers and got shot in the toe before we got upstairs haha. After that as per tradition after a live op success or fail. We played it Killhouse style.

Same plan failed, so we tried dymanic for fun (my idea) without any iron clad formation (Rasas idea). The plan was basically to bang threw, see if we could clear it quickly and still reach the hostage. Wiz wasn’t happy with it, nore was I really but I figured we could use a break for a round. After he left Fox modified the plan for safety and we did it. After one round I left b/c it was getting late. To late to walk the dogs after typing this =/

Oh well maybe I can code before supper…

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    by: Anonymous at 2007-01-07 12:59 am (UTC) comment: Well [SAS]_Spidey01, i am sad to hear how the mission turned out…sometimes no matter how much planning and preparation is put in things just conspire against you and there is nothing you can do, but that is life

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