Ysterday, we got a tornado warning. About 20 minutes heads up to get to cover. Two dogs /w collars + harnesses, ma, me, bird, newt, and fish in the bathroom with supplies.

Since Mikey (parakeet) has his cage on a table, a playpen on a few boxes (my old school books haha) and a close rack turned into a toy rack full of perches. All netted in with a thin mesh. We had to get him caged and out of there. I yanked off the computers, pulled the cordless phones/networking gizmos closer to storm time.

I’m glad that I got to stick to my operational doctrine. Leave no one behind, I’d rather blow away trying then leave them. The storm passed within about 7-15km so we where fine. Where we live we usually get no damage, trees sway but hold hehe. Mostly had rain but no wind/hail.

Prayer beats fear, and although I don’t think I quite learned it in the context En4cer ment. I get the idea that you don’t just sit there and take a dump. You keep going, firing, aiming, engaging, or you die.