Well to day I did get a bit of a shock. Me, Wiz, Shield, Recon, and a few pubs on TG#1. Between maps Shield tells Wiz he’s in vialation of the Code of Honor.

Wiz got promoted to Troop Captain, a fine thing 🙂
He’s our web master, keeps the site going, good SNCO for as long as I’ve known’em. Maybe as close to a mentor I’ve had in [SAS]. Its always good when friends got promoted hehehe.

Next map. Shield tells me I am breaking CoH too, tells me I have Wiz’s old Rank (sgt). So I tag up after bumblers moement. A min later Shield says he made a Mistake, I’m not a Sgt I’m SSM.

I miss read SSM as RSM, since we have not had any SSM in awhile. Kinda embarrasing on X-Fire for a minute. When I re-read Shields msg and saw the first S and corrected it. I was never so happy to be promoted ! lol. Wew…

Turns out my m8 Rasa is also a SSM and our mutual team mate Rouge is acting RSM. Really, I was hoping they’d just promote Rouge to Sgt and let us Cpl have a good leader. Damn I’m glad they picked Rouge. Not that I have issues but, hes the best and I’m actually glad we all skipped regular sgt. I’ve always looked at the higher ranksk with respect, first time I met Shield. This was before he was CO, prolly Major or an SNCO. I called him Sir. Being the sort he is, of course he didn’t like the ‘sir’ part.

Even though, I have a lot of respect for our officers and every member. To be honest, I’ve always looked on the ‘Sgt’ rank as sort of a death curse. Since Wiz made Sgt way back when, I noticed how his activity dropped. Not to mention JB, Blade e.t.c. This is why after Cpl, I stopped sending promo-suggestions. Being where we are now I’m happy. I was some what fearing promotion actually.

To be honest, for a long time I’ve always wrestled with the idea of leaving. Even when I was a P.R. But, when I was a P.R. I had such joy and I desided I wanted to continue on to the Selection Course in the hopes of some day passing on what I learned. My time in the [SAS] has really been a blessing to me, in numerous ways really. As a trp I trained my self to a razors edge, as a LCpl I floundered (imho). I remember being told that it was a Sgts job for such things, never have really wanted to have rank. Well, I did always have a soft spot for Cpl. Thanks to Adze, Wiz, JB, and Blade. I remember when I was just a newbie Adze was always popping in/out. That bloody Cpl was inspiring slash annoying. Being a Cpl, really was the highest I wanted to go. Just high enough to be free to get involved in training/clan matters but low enough to be sure I’d spend a lot of time with the server, public, and members.

Really what good is a job if you don’t get to be with your friends and meet new people ? At least as an SSM I know I can still be where I want, yet still be useful to the team. The happiest thing they could have ever given me for a Rank they did. Trooper when I passed my second tryout with a 98%. Any thing after thats kinda gravy as long as I can be useful.

So what is my new Job Description?

The Squadron Sergeant Major, working closely with the Regiment Sergeant Major, will be expected to make suggestions regarding our [SAS] member training procedures, and implement any necessary changes upon approval of the Captain. The Squadron Sergeant Major must ensure that all Staff Sergeants are correctly educating the [SAS] membership and Sergeants are correctly educating prospective members on all aspects of the [SAS] Code of Honor and Standard Operating Procedure Training.

The Squadron Sergeant Major will report directly to the Regiment Sergeant Major about their training methods and scheduling, but he is allowed to, when necessary, act independently to provide supplemental training to the [SAS] membership.

The Squadron Sergeant Major is responsible for administering the Advanced Training Awards Tryout to selected [SAS] members. Eligibility to participate in the ATA Tryout is determined by the SSM. In situations where the SSM is not able, due to logistical reasons, to administer the ATA, the RSM or a qualified trainer shall act as a replacement for that instance.

The ATA part is a bit dated since the one fearsome training map for it. Has been released for general training, I use it often. But other wise the JD looks ’bout ripe. Speaking of ATAs the only person to come close or actualyl did do it on the first (can’t remeber which) was Random when he was CO. I take my helmet off to ye for that !

Great map for self-training though heheehe.