broken bones

Well, since my USB flashdrive died for all intents and purpsoes today. Lucky I did get a full backup while I could still get it to mount on occasion.

I cracked the sucker open, yanked out the PCB (printed circuit board) from the looks of it. Nice little thing /w a few DIMM’ish things on it. Ones probably the 1gb of disk space and the other a *real* microprocessor. Maybe even a picoprocessor if you think about how big some desktop PC’s CPUs are with a heat sink on top of them.

The USB connector was just clipped on, with a few metal prongs coming out of it and into the board. Looked like they might slide out so I pulled it off, sure enough the things didn’t slide out and they broke off from the looks of it. Although I think I’d need a magnifer to be sure of 3 of them. One is clearly destroyed.

The funny thing, is when I stuck it all back together and put the tape back ’round the case. It sat just right, before it died. Well it got a bit bent at the port one day & started to split the case. Hence the tape…

I think assuming that I broke all 4 connectors instead of just 3. I might’ve been able to save the bloody thing. Oh well I got the data backup and thats what counts. Not to mention I got to have a look see just what is inside a USB Flash Drive 🙂

Now if only Windows could be trusted to access my SMB shares 24/7 and I could get a nice little 20GB PATA drive for Vectra I could complete the more Network Centric restructings I wanted to work on. Only I didn’t think I’d need to !.

Gonna have to start using ftpd to or find a winsucks == of mount_smbfs.