To do this week

My monster list in short form.
  • My normal work week
  • I have *GOT* to get a test out for school
  • Get my printer functioning over th enetwork (Vectra)
  • Get my E-Mail working again, probably move things over to Vectra and ssh in to use a CLI mail client. Best start telling peoople to stop sending me HTML E-Mail 8=)
  • Consolidate my data backups
  • Check for a WinSucks equiv to mount_smbfs or a more reliable method then Windows XP’s own handling of SMB
  • Set up a FTP server on my local LAN
  • Get a LDAP based Address Book solution going if at all possible
  • Clean up my system configurations, ssh, sendmail, cups, samba e.t.c.
  • Keep up with business as SSM, RvS Dept. 22nd [SAS] EVR
  • Deal with being an associate web master
  • Finish my coding project in C
  • Put together that thing for Shield
  • Boost my studies in PHP and JavaScript