Hmm, what a day.

Ironed out a few more things with my work in the SNCO Project.

Fire & Movement -> Submited
Rules of Engagment -> Submited
Breaching -> Fixing (post submited)
Stacking -> Converted (post submited)
Tactical Aids -> Working
Reloading Drill -> Submited + Tweaked & Resubmited
Equippment Loadouts -> Completed, not submited

Made changes to En4cers changes on basic training, submitted it back to him but no word yet. Maybe I should send it to Rouge since its technically supposed to go through the RSM then to GCHQ. No idea what En4cer is doing these days…. Feeling is mutal I’m sure.

Can’t really complete every thing on Room Clearing at the moment (En4cer) and I have little interest in the Planning & Leading one. Although that one might be able to stand as is hehe (y).

Spent most of the day on holiday after finishing some work on it. Joined Lazko & Ranger for some 2 on 1 on a super small map. Abiliterated them using the 40mm and mixing my kit around. Never really they knew what I was going to do, other then strike.

After wards joined Random/Lazko for a game, Random I soon found. Was much to seasoned a cat to fall prey to a Spider. Just as I was a bit to expirenced for Lazko & Ranger to have to much a head start. Since they were very fair and didn’t spawn rape much.

Eventually got into a baton war hehe. That blighters the fastest reloading weapon in the game I bet.