Linux or BSD?

Some how it figures, I always have more issues setting up a Linux system then a BSD one… Go figure

Linux supports newer hardware faster

but BSD tends to just detect it.

Heck, if the box in question had a Floppy disk I think I’d install OpenBSD on the thing and go /w the X11 option. But if it won’t dual boot FreeBSD and PC-BSD without hicups I doubt OpenBSD and PC-BSD would be any better….

Bloody hardware !!!

And thinking about early Linux systems, the term ‘Linux/GNU’ probably is more accurate then Linux or GNU/Linux =/

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  1. Originally on my Live Journal:

    by: (Anonymous) 2007-04-24 01:10 am (UTC)
    comment: Depends on the operating system, for Debian it's starting to look like a Debian X/GNU/OpenBSD/Linux, since it's got the inetd, ntp, ssh and several other bits out of OpenBSD.
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