Been toying qith QTRuby and Korundum (QT3/KDE3 bindings for Ruby).

So far I think I rather like it hehe.

Got QTRuby installed fine, Korundums being a bit picky by libtool way. Hope to have a PBI with both in it by next week.

Some likes I need to bookmark in my master-bookmarks-file and want to post on PC-BSD forums.

Terry@Dixie$ rf ~/tmp/notes 5:20
–with-qt-dir=DIR where the root of Qt is installed
–with-qt-includes=DIR where the Qt includes are.
–with-qt-libraries=DIR where the Qt library is installed.
–with-smoke[=qt|kde] Smoke: build Smoke for qt+kde or qt only [default:qt]
–without-gl disable 3D GL modes

configured as:
./configure –prefix=/Programs/QT-KDE-Ruby-Runtime1.0 –with-qt-dir=/usr/X11R6/include –with-qt-includes=/usr/X11R6/include –with-qt-libraries=/usr/X11R6/lib/

arning: you chose to install this package in /Programs/QT-KDE-Ruby-Runtime1.0,
but KDE was found in /usr/local.
For this to work, you will need to tell KDE about the new prefix, by ensuring
that KDEDIRS contains it, e.g. export KDEDIRS=/Programs/QT-KDE-Ruby-Runtime1.0:/usr/local
Then restart KDE.

Terry@Dixie$ 5:20