Manged to get some good CT in today. Pretty big batch for most of it.

I got Yuke and Duke working as EL’s and trying to cordinate missions. And I got them a simple mission paremter or two per mission.

Hey, I’ve playe denough games… The old go in, shoot every thing tha tmoves, and get out bit is old. So I try to give them some thing refreshing when I do training. But I try to do it in a way that it allows one to work on some thing.

I didn’t really restrict the time they had to work on things but they seemed to do it pretty fast. For the mos tpart I liekd what I saw – theres room for improvement. But its pretty good for a pair of Recruits and non SAS.

That One player, Joska. Deffo inviting him to training if he’s ever in game before hand hehehe. Sadly I wante dot try and get REM2000 in on it too but he had to go. I try to look foreward 😉

Got good serious training work in, to be fair I’m going to try and do one for RvS next week. Got to have a nice chat with Duke between ops and some good games too.

Hmm, supper time 🙂

I guess blog & work can wait.