To day, I’ve seen one of the mos thorriable things.

I know a lot of shit has hit the fan lately but this hurts me to see it…

When I joined the server this afternoon. The [SAS] were taking the front, Claudia was taking the ear. Being careful to avoid the other players. When I joined this evening. While every one was going into the stairs to head for the hostage. She was going for the only other area in the map.

8 players on the server, a server known for its team work. And she was effectively choosing to play alone. By the end of it she finnally started to join in a bit.

When I know damn well a few days ago, she would’ve been one of the lead assualters heading for that hostage… it pains me to see this. Some one with such potentional, for as long as I can remember. When ever a Women as tried to join the [SAS], some things always happened that sent it going tits up.

The first, car accident while she was deployed.

The other, well not much to be said.

Claudia, to much bullshit under the bridge.

The only other candiate for first women in [SAS] (history afaik). I will never ask her about it. Because I have to much respect for her, her family, and her clan.

I’m a very simple sort, I love RvS and I love S4. Which I play, is usually dependant on other people. If JB’s in RvS, I’ll probably head there unless I feel like being alone. If Lazko and Miles are on SWAT4:TSS I’ll probably head that way.

Maybe I’ve just been around long enough to notice.. The old customs of team play on our servers. But this has got to be the worst thing I’ve seen in 2-3 years of time on the server.

I can’t stand to see this, its just not right. Although the kidn of person I am. I’d provide cover just the same, unless told to stop being myself… Just the same, I’d end up following Sniper or Medic if they were around. Or vice versa, just the norm. I’d prefer to be in the middle of the Hostage Rescue, its how I like to play. But still much of the time, I’d rather follow a good team mate then take the objective my self.

Business is business, its different from personal issues for me. Needless to say, I don’t let me feelings for others get involved. If I had issue one promtion suggestion, it’d go for who I thought most able to handle the job… or not at all. I’m the same way when it comes to managing the server.

If they are nice, I am nice, if they want to cause trouble, I show them the door, if they don’t like the door, I push them through it. I’m lucky though, I’ve rarly had to do that. I hope I’ll never have to do that to Claudia, nore any one else (ban). But I can’t consider Server Regulars any different froom other people… more leniant perhapes but of course. I have to respect my peers. This is very sad… She showed such great potentional at first. But what can I do about it? nothing…. lol

I’ve only seen her good side on the server, but can’t argue with the admin actions of my friends. I suppose I should be thankful in a way, having a Woman on the server has reminded me. I’m much more a gentleman then I used to think. Peronsally I think thats saying some thing, considering as such things go. I may as well have been raised in a barn. But lately the ol’bones have shown their colours. Maybe its just a southren thing… dunno, but its how I am. I’d rather be the proverbal “nice guy” then a lot of other things lol.