Dough and the rest

Well, in a few days I’ll be having my 19th Birthday.

I’ll be working a usual shift, one cleaning job, one pet run. Might end up having an All You Can Eat Resterraunt trip later on. Won’t be any water at home, since they are working on the pipes. Just another day on the calendar…

One nice supprise, my *usual* gift came in, My only living Grand Father usually sends me about $200 for my Birthday, and at Christmas time to.

The envolope was so thin, I nearly mistook it for a postcard.. So I knew it was from him. He never sends me a card, just a check. I’m gratful… but

Just one year I would like a card !!!

Even if there was no check, the card would be nice. But, I guess it shows he knows I’m alive.. never seen him beyond a picture. I remember talking with him on the phone briefly some years back. I don’t know how much longer I’ll ever have the chance to meet him, so well. It would be nice lol.

Maybe I’m strange, but money is just money. Its paper, it can buy stuff. Trade cash for goods ya. But with a card, at least you know they care… well I know its not his style to send a card.. or a note lol.

For the large part, I have no money during the year. The only real cold hard / petty cash supply I have. Is what ever I get for my Birthday and for Christmas. So maybe $500 for a whole years income. Not a lot really, especially the way I am. With me, I have no problem spending a lot of money… its easy enough in life. But when I *do* spend money, I spend it wisely.

Normally, I split it with my mom. Because I know she’s tight on funds all the time. For Christmas, I usually use my share for shopping. I love to give… I love to get… but damn I hate shopping for people !!!! Although I do like to go and oogle at the local Best Buy xD. I figure when I was a kid, I collected enough crap…. man as well spend it on others.

Considering what the outlook on life is, I think it would be wise to save it all for a rainy day. But I’ve got other plans..

Not sure i f I’ll be able to do both of the things I’m thinking about. But on one hand, it should help some one whose really got a bill to pay off. And on the other side, to help those that have been very good to me for a long time. Its not some thing I can do all the time… if I could I would, but I just can’t afford to.

I’m the kind of guy, if I had a lot of money. I’d use it for good, well. If I was rich I’d also have about 20 PC’s laying around but lol thats me. A charity would have VIM to thank, and if I had a wife. She’d me well taken care of lol. And I could remind those around me, just how much I care for them. You could say my family and friends mean a lot to me. Strangle them to death one minute, fight to the death for them the next.

I’d love it if some day. I’d have the money to be able to help… and not have to worry about my family eating at the end of the week.

*sigh*, I’ve never had a lot of money, don’t expect to. And I don’t really want a lot. I’d settle for just enough… keep my family taken care of without having to worry about paying the bills.

I suppose, I’ll never know that. But while I do have some spare change around. I’d like to put it to good use.