Virtual SNCO

Conversation started between [SAS]_SSM_Spidey01 and [SAS]_SSM_Rasa: Tue, Jun 12 13:43:36 2007
[13:43] [SAS]_SSM_Rasa: Hello… RSM !
[13:43] [SAS]_SSM_Spidey01: You mean SSM
[13:43] [SAS]_SSM_Rasa: No, I mean… RSM !
[13:43] [SAS]_SSM_Spidey01: wt* ?
/* Here I am wondering what on earth has happened to RSM Rouge */
[13:44] [SAS]_SSM_Rasa: f, that’s what you wanted to say, having an asterix doesn’t make it better
[13:44] [SAS]_SSM_Rasa: But I don’t mind, cuz your now the… RSM
[13:44] [SAS]_SSM_Spidey01: lol
[13:45] [SAS]_SSM_Spidey01: [SAS]_Capt_Rouge, now that does make me feel a lot better !
[13:45] [SAS]_SSM_Rasa: hmmmm hmmm!
[13:46] [SAS]_SSM_Rasa: Imagine that like a black fat ’80ies movie woman would say it
[13:46] [SAS]_SSM_Spidey01: lololol
[14:00] [SAS]_RSM_Spidey01: Dang it now I’ve got to change all my uniforms !
[14:00] [SAS]_SSM_Rasa: lol

For some reason… they seem to like Promoting me =/

The position of Regimental Sergeant Major is comparable to the US Armies Command Sergeant Major. I think it would also be eqivulent to a senior Oberstabsfeldwebel. But I’m not very familer with the the Bundeswehr.

To be honest I know little about the British Armies rank structure or for that matter any other countries ! But, since the [SAS] is modeled on the British Special Air Service, of course we use rank structure based on the British Army…. lol

I was very glad to see the ring of promotions when I hit the forums, especially Rouges. But I still don’t know how I fit in lol. Some days I could swear GCHQ drinks heavy when they meet.

GOD also blessed me in a way today. I was able to speak with a friend about issues concerning himself and mutal friends of ours. I don’t wish to speak further of it… but needless to say. I’m glad to have been where I was at the time.

WIZ is back online and a fresh Major. I’m happy hehe

Some how, its Wiz and Miles that talk with me more then any one else does when its not purely a *business* matter at hand. Like if some thing is broken or needs a kicking. After all, Spiders got 8 legs, 9 x 8 = Size 72 boot 😉 Now thats how you deal with trouble on the servers !

Now to celibrate our promotions, with what else but a bit of personal training hehehe !!!