19 Fatted horses

Home from dinner…

All you can eat at the golden corral. I think I had like a helping per year hehehe. I must’ve walked in their with a hollow leg or some thing 🙂 Ate for like an hour and a half straight ! If I had any where to put it… I think I could eat another 3 plates lol. On the way home I had to let an extra notch in the lap belt :/

Needless to say, we don’t eat out much. And that’s good for me, or else I’d have to work out more often. And I hate exercise ! My brother took us out for dinner, between the lot of us. 19, 29, 38, and 59, all together we’d have to be like 145 years old loool.

All was good, fat happy spidey hehehe. Then I noticed on the trip back the sun was starting to set, and it made me think of where I’d rather be… Sitting under a tree watching the beautiful sun set.

Did get to spend most of the day on line in the SWAT4 server though. Room clearing with Duke and Miles, and a bunch of others. I think it may be time to start drilling the crap out of our SWAT4 division when it comes to working in larger Elements and more Complex plans. But Miles might have a good point, best to finish the SOP rewrites first lol.

I feel like a fat horse, an overweight one at that ! I’m glad I’ve only got one Birthday in a year or I’d get fat from all the food ! Think I might raid the RvS server tonight for some late night training.

now if I wasn’t still hungry………

Laugh out loud !!!!