Personal Training

Got to spend some time alone on TG#1

MP5A4+SD, Suppressed 9x19mm
Cobra Stun Gun, T-Shot Taser with cattle prod feature xD
3 x CS Gas Grenade
1 x Opti-Wand
3 x C2 Breaching Charge
No body armour
Night Vision Goggles

Map, victory imports auto store.

Made insertion, had a tango walking through the area. His back was turned to me and I could’ve put 2 right in the back of his head, no problem. And keep the Stealth, however I decided to sneak by all together, gather more intelligence and secure the exterior parking area.

Manged to get into the building without getting compromised, one tango KiA on the way in. Secured the lower area without much fuss, one arrest. Spotted a Suspect facing the door coming out of the work area closest to Side 2 and an Open door to the middle loading area. A wedge would’ve made this much safer. But I flanked through the middle work area, securing one contact and neutralising another. Gas’d the Side 2 work area, secured one contact and neutralised another. Gas’d the Side 4 work area and headed up with another arrest.

Made it upstairs, snuck up on a Tango and tasered him in the back, his shout of pain draw some attention 🙁 So I puffed gas and backed off. That took the fight right out of them, got the Goon that came to investigate, the one I tasered, one behind the divider I was using for cover, and one in the lobby all without a loud shot to give me away.

Secured the lobby, office space, and break room. Now out of gas I decided to go Dynamic. Saw a Civilian hiding in the corner of the hall, tossed in a Flash bang near him and assaulted. Sure enough there was a Tango, tasered and arrested 🙂

All in all I was quite satisfied, I was not forced to go Dynamic until I chose to. Got to be a sneaky Son of a Gun using my Opti-wand and my brains, and a mixture of Red and Yello RoE.

Usually even in Stealth we are Green light to shoot any threat on sight, but like I tried to get at in my “Ninja Class” session last month. Some times you *don’t* want to kill the tango on sight! While the games AI doesn’t react to dead bodies and we can’t hide them (like in SOCOM). Once you engage the enemy in Stealth, you are committed to it. Ether he dies, QUICKLY or you are compromised.

One lone Spidey Vs 11 Tangos and 3 Hostages, means it is important to avoid un-necessary risks to survive the mission. Not to mention based on the levels Intel, they could always have a gun to the hostages head…. and pull the trigger the second they know we’re there.

Hence, Stealth To First Contact is a very valuable tool ! Often times I’ll plan on doing the mission in Dynamic, but take pains to avoid un-necessary contact. When I am forced to go Dynamic… it’s usually hit the fan or some one blew it. If we can get closer to the objective before having to go in loud and proud, thats better chances for the hostage. And perfectly good in my book.

Hostage Rescue and Recon Operations are kind of my specialty in games hehe.