never ending interuptions…

I logged on an hour ago with ONE goal in mind, to update my blog for the day…

I spent Friday cleaning my room. Got to vacuum spots that haven’t been cleaned
out in near 10 years lol. /* Note to self remove laugh out loud iab from

Shifted the bed from along the North wall going West to east. To going South to North. In such a small room its a huge space saver, even if it means blocking half the closet off (never use it any way). Moved the cubby from the South-East corner to North-East corner. Moved the stand next to it — finally can access
all 3 electrical outlets.

Shifted the book shelf by the door from the South-West corner to where the Cubby was. Moved the TV to the other side of the dresser and pushed it more to the Eastern wall. The amount of clutter is less near the door and rises up as you get to the opposing wall (doors south-west corner). Leaving a lot of space in the main areas of the room.

Finally a major improvement… best since we moved in (the room was empty them :-P). Got to throw out a lot of crap. But got stuck helping ma rearrange crap all morning !!! How nice a price eh? Oh wells all that ends with doughnuts ends well xD

# For later
Terry@vectra-$ cat lions_book.lastpage
page ?? (pdf) which is page 42 of the book.

Section: 9.1

Source Code:
With line numbers:

The sections have been dumped into two derectories.

/usr/src/sys/ contains the headers and /user/src/sys/kern/ which contains the
source.c files.

PDP-11 Emulator?