Got to do a bit of gaming today and some trainign with Raider.

Been thinking a bit about stuff with the crosshair and ammo counter off. I shoot good but can’t toss grenades for crap, even by my normal standard !!!

I like no crosshairs though, it means I have to “do it” right the first time. Normally when I walk in game, I walk in my little version of a ‘low ready’. Weapons at a kind of down angle but high enough I can see where I’m going, since in RvS/S4 your PoV is slewed to the weapons Point of Impact. If a target was about punching distance away, my weapons esitmated point of impact should I fire it. Would probably be around the belly or mid-section. While my line of sight is stright ahead along my travel path.

When I spot a threat, I raise the weapon to firing position and let’er rip. Head, knee, toe, balls what ever I can hit. Usually I’ll try to aim just below the collar bone. I figure that way if I’m to far off to the side, I can get’em in the shoulder. If its DOBA it should hit in the upper torso, maybe ride up into the neck or chin area. Basically I can generally hit what I can see but not always very accurate without the crosshair. Like trying to shoot some one in the ‘crew cut’ thats ducked just below a box or some thing is hard. Although the tango can usually shoot me any way…. without having to have muzzle clearence in RvS !

In general I’ve found it more accurate, making my self have to adjust the weapon to a proper shooting posture before I can engage. And it helps make sure I don’t shoot a friendly by mistake ! I have very good IFF in general, as long as I don’t get the thought “I think its a tango” before they cross my LoF or I round the corner. Whats really funny… lol

Every now and then a FF issue will pop up, where I’m about to fire and have one of those “oh !@#$” moments when I see its a Friendly after all and try to throw my aim off as I pull the trigger. Usually ends up clipping some one in the shoulder or denting the wall..

And they do the same exact thing at the same time, hit me, have an “oh crap i shot a friendly” moment… and I figure “ooppse, tango after all” and shoot them by reflex =/

Also was thumbing through my early posts on [SAS], My introduction way back when and a thread on SWAT3. Interesting to see and think about how far I’ve come since then… in a number of ways.