Double Deuce

Was only one or two players in our server so I joined the *DD* Tactical CooP server. On ours at least people tend to leave fast once they realise hostage rescue and mission is to hard for them. We use the tango hunts to cool off lol, 99% of RvS Coop Servers are only T-Hunt maps.

Unfortunity for me most were just common folk, the kind thats not very bright tactically speaking. Managed to kick through a HR before a *DD* Major Iceman should up for the T-Hunt and following Mission.

Needless to say, I then started to mean business rofl. With most of the other players there, it was a case of “I’ll just go the other way then” to make sure I wouldn’t get injured. *DD* General Dynasty is good ol’SAS_Rct_TiGeR so I know they should know a few things.

Was also fun to be able to perform as a solid [SAS] Operator, with some one from a reasonably serious Coop Clan around and visiting some ones sever. I’d of course be on the ball. Not only am I an [SAS] Member but the RSM, and much like I was thinking to my self before Iceman joined. I wished I had another [SAS] Member with me… so when ever I got shot their be some one to finish the mission. *DD* might not be [SAS] but there Officers seem good enough to be able to complete the objectives.