A little BattleTech

Just getting a few things out of my head. It does remind me though that while I have a great imagination for things I can’t really write worth a dang.

The simulator had created a battlefield much like the streets of Avalon
City. Yet it was totally horrific, while the capitol of New Avalon was a
beautiful metropolis this place was hellish. Many buildings lay in ruin and the
streets were aflame. The sounds of Artillery strikes could be heard in the
distance as James Midnight sat in the cockpit of his Simulated ‘Mech. A 50 Ton
ENF-5D Enforcer, Medium weight but typical of the Armed Forces of the Federated
Suns. It was not unlike the 50 Ton Centurion his Father had used when He
fought in the Davions service. What the Enforcer lacked in Speed it more then
made up for with stronger armour then the older Centurion chassis.

A quick check of his sensors displays told Midnight that his Battlemech was
ready for action. The large extended range laser in the left arm and central
Small Laser battery both showed 100% charge. The massive LB 10-X Auto Cannon
built into his ‘Mechs right arm was raring to go with a ton of standard shells.
Backed by another ton of cluster ammunition. Accelerating to a quick 45
kilometre per hour walk James set the ‘Mechs scanners to sweep ahead.

“I hope this sim doesn’t include infantry….”

Obviously there must be people alive, I just can’t see any one he thought to
him self. As scans showed little hope for those poor retches in the city. A few
battered hulks lay strewn about, leftover from what ever battle that ravaged
this place? But still no enemy ‘Mechs.

Working his way through the streets James Midnight pushed the Enforcer up to a
faster 50 KPH trot as he headed North-West in search of survivors or the enemy;
which ever was to be found. Still nothing on sensors…

“Control, this is Star Six I’m reading some signs of life here. My current
position is”
“Roger Star Six, we will dispatch rescue teams as soon as you’ve cleared the
mission area”

“Damn, I guess they will have to wait” the aspiring MechWarrior muttered to
himself. While the young man had learned much at the NAIS College of Military
Sciences, James Midnight still hated to know innocent civilians suffered during
war time. With the force of a rocket the ‘Mechs cockpit shook viloently as
alarms blarred. According to Bitching betty and the Enforcers damage sensors he
had just been shot in the back.

Hooking hard right he took shelter behind the nearest building. No serious harm
done but his rear armour was critical along the left and centre sections. The
enemy had drawn first blood and this made James Midnight all the more ready to fight
back. Shifting footing he poked around the corner and reversed back into the
buildings cover. Nothing there but ruble

“What the hell, missle lock!?”

Imcoming fire, dead aft according to the Battlemechs threat indicators.
Rotating his ‘Mechs torso to present a simmer target profile to the incoming
missles. As the Multi-Functional Displays showed impact was imminent he hunched
over hoping some of the missiles would go over head without hitting.

James rocked in the pilot couch as the missile volley struck the ‘Mechs left
arm, his ER Large Laser dropped to 80% charge. The cockpit was hot now maybe 40
degrees Celsius, cool for a Battlemech but not for a human. Standing tall James
brought the Enforcer about, AC level along his line of sight attempting to
track the shooter.

“Control, this is Star Six I’ve engaged the enemy”

Nothing but static came back.

“Blast they must have been listing in… Com’s are jammed.”

Throwing the ‘Mech into gear he pushed forth at a brisk 62 Kilometre Per Hour
pace. Sensors active and scanning for any signs of Metal, Heat, or Movement.
Thermals and Sonar was mostly useless here due to the fires in the destroyed
buildings. But motion sensors would still be helpful once he tuned the
resolution for some thing the size of an APC.

Heading South-West between some half collapsed buildings James Midnight set his
jaw in prepriation for hostile contact as he toyed with the Autoloaders.
Cluster ammunition would be perfect for this situation, the target would be
trying to avoid his weapons. By hitting hard and trying to quickly fade away
into the thermal abyss.


Movement to his 3 o clock, 45 Metres away. Firing his ‘Mechs jump jets Midnight
assailed the building in front of him, Landing on the other side of it as any
good fool would. He drove the ‘Mech right into a small apartment building.

“Shit, hope it was empty”

Following instincts and instruments he looked for his target, nothing but ghosts on
sensors. A quick check of systems showed one of the jump jets was damaged from
the initial shot. Attempting another jump could risk an internal explosion that
could cripple the Medium ‘mech. Missile warnings blared again, kicking the
Battlemech to full speed James sought cover. These buildings would be good
enough to shield him, most were severely damaged but most still stood a couple
Metres taller then the Enforcer.

There, stright ahead stood a 35 Ton Wolfhound, probably targeting his LB-10X.
Pre-empting fear James let a burst go, Cluster shot rocked the lighter ‘Mech
hard stripping armour off its left torso. As he worked the 50 Ton Enforcer into
safe cover, A close call but he had managed to avoid being hit.

Side stepping around the corner, James could see the enemy had fled. Another
round of hide and seek it would be. There was just one problem, the Woflhound
was a Battlemech that relied on energy weapons, Lasers and PPC. Not on missle
weapons. So ether they were not alone or his enemy had a Customised ‘Mech.
Heading South-West he grep’d at his sensor displays, one eye looking out
the Enforcers cockpit. No contacts visable or detected electronically.

Again missile warnings sounded, pivoting his ‘Mechs torso he saw them flying in
from the East. Crossing behind another building spared him the damage of the
missile volley. James pushed the ‘Mech around the other corner of the building
he caught track of the Wolfhound again. Advancing to the next building he
brought the Enforcer to a halt. The large laser had dropped to 65% charge…
not good but the LB-10X Autocannon still was in good shape.

Soon the Wolfhound would be within firing distance to ether side of him.
Putting his back to the wall he waited for a blip on the Motion Sensors he knew
would be the enemy coming for him. A massive spike whited out Midnights thermal
sensors to his Right side.

“A Valkyrie in midair!”

Twisting about he fired the Autocannon, cluster and normal ammo spitting forth
a deadly salvo. No hits made as the Valkyrie landed in a nearby building.
Accelerating his ‘Mech he brought the Enforcer around the right side of the
building ahead of him. If the Valkyrie was to his 12 o clock that Wolfhound
must be some where along his left flank.

A heavy laser blast tore into his Right arm, twisting his torso right James, saw
the Wolfhound was advancing again. Not wanting to risk using the AC he let his own Large
Laser answer the enemies shot. The beam struck the Wolfhound in the Left torso,
while it still burned off molten chunks of amour his Laser dropped to 48%
charge. The Cooling systems hissed trying to dissipate the heat buildup from the shot. This was
not going well at all, the Laser was generating huge amounts of heat but
doing little damange. Throwing his ‘Mech to full speed he rushed the Wolfhound
head on.

” It’s all or nothing baby!”

James Midnight shouted as he ignited the Enforcers jump jets. Lashing out with
Autocannon and Small Laser in midair, the Wolfhound blasted away at his left leg
with its Medium Lasers. The Wolfhounds right arm was blown clean off leaving
sparking wires in place of the Battlemechs heavy laser. Hammering away with his
Autocannon and kicking the Jump Jets again for more attitude. The injured
Wolfhound turned attempting to flee. As James brought the Enforcer down upon it
in a rough execution of the “Death From Above” technique, toppling both ‘Mechs
to the street.

The Wolfhound must be bleeding bad, James own ‘Mech had sustained moderate
damage to the legs. The smaller ‘Mechs Medium lasers fired point blank into the Enforcers chest. The cockpit temperature
rose sharply as the Enforcers melting armour destroyed the Wolfhounds remaining
Laser emitters. Rolling his ‘Mech out of the fray he stood up, trying to put
pressure on his Left leg. The one that had sustained the most damage from the
Wolfhounds Medium Lasers before the Death From Above landing. Moving as quick
as he dared he got as clear as he could of the other ‘Mech as Missle warnings
sounded in his ears.

The Enforcers cockpit was like an oven as the Long Range Missiles hit, blowing
his Left arm apart.

“Damn it, my ee ar lasers gone”

Storming his injured Battlemech into cover he knew that the Valkyrie must be
using the roof tops. A quick check of his Multi-Function Displays showed that
he was now half blind, most of the instruments damaged by the Wolfhounds death
kiss. Rounding the buildings corner at a short 25 Kilometres per hour he put
the ‘Mech through its paces moving up at a brisk 70 KPH hoping to keep the
enemy from getting behind him.

“Control, this is Star Six reporting.. I am heavily injured and require
assistance, I say again I need assistance… Control do you read, over”

No response what so ever not even static. The HICS-11 communications system of
his Enforcer must’ve been fried. Coming around the building to his left he kept
going. Crossing the street and heading past the ruble of the next building. No
track of the enemy yet. Cooling systems started to flush the heat from his
‘Mech but the 50 Ton Enforcer was still critically wounded. James Midnight knew
he could not keep fighting much longer or he would die.

Pulse Laser fire rocked him from behind striking at his legs. The Enforcer
slowed down to a limp at about 15 KPH. With an oath he pivoted the ‘Mech about
leveling the Autocannon at his enemy. Firing a rapid salvo of 100mm AC shells
the Valkyrie jumped taking the hits in its own legs. Coming down with a crack
the Valkyrie stumbled but did not fall. Firing blind its MechWarrior lashed out
with the LRM-10 rack in its left torso. The missiles struck James’s Battlemech
along the left torso. Not much more armour left to go as the heat level built
up still higher. Cooling systems must be damged, his cockpit must have been at
least 50C.

Fire bellowing out of his ‘Mech he pushed it for all it was worth going head on
with the enemy. Not enough armour left to care about the returning pulse laser
fire. He unloaded every thing he had left in the LB-10X crippling the smaller
Valkyrie. Shearing off its right arm mounted Medium Pulse Laser the
lighter ‘Mech stormed at his Enforcer. Suppressive fire from his AC
ripped apart its torso mounted ammo bin with an explosion. The Valkries CASE
technology prevented the blast from causing much Damage but its torso armour
had sub come to his might.

Out of weapons and bleeding to death the Valkrie leap into the air with jump
jets, ether trying to over jump or land on and cripple James ‘Mech. Firing off
the last of his shells he tore off part of the smaller ‘Mechs left leg. Landing
with a hellish sound the Valkrie rammed into the Enforcer. Ammunition deleted,,
lasers destroyed the battle was over. There was nothing else to do but go
physical! The Enforcer was very heaviler damaged but still had 20 Tons on the
Valkyrie. What next? The young MechWarrior worried as the two Battlemechs fell
to the street.

If he fired his Jump jets he might get away but if they fired at all it could
kill him right then and there. His leg was to damaged to stand up, the Valkyrie
lay underneath his Enforcer. James Midnight was out of options, he had to try
it. Reaching for the control panel he tried to toggle the last functioning MFD
to a indicate system status. Bad idea, he burned his hand badly and quickly
retracted it. There must be internal fires in the Battlemechs body. Time to
kick off or die in a ball of fire any way.

The MechWarrior in the Valkyrie ignited the reactor and ejected. James Midnight
watched in horror as his Screens went supernova. The simulator terminated the
program, the cockpit cooled and the hatch opened. Unplugging his coolant line
he stepped out of the simulator pod clutching his burned left hand. Standing
there in his common MechWarriors uniform he waited to see the other
MechWarrior in training emerge from his simpod.

To James great shock, out poked a head of blond hair and magnificent blue eyes.
Belonging to Isabella Valkyrie, one of his fellow cadets.

“Damn you girl, there was no way you would’ve lived through that. Your ejection
pod would’ve probably landed in a burning building before you burned to death”

“At least it would’ve taken your huge ego along for the ride”

Ivy said with that evil grin he loved so much. She had the cunning and fighting
abilities of a wolf but the body of an angel. You could say they were both
friends and rivals.

“Its no good to kill your self with the enemy, going nuclear is just a stupid idea”

“Oh shut up, you couldn’t even find me til I practically buzzed by you”

“And being shot at with a heavy ae see”

“Which missed by a kilometre”


“Enough you ladies, lets get lunch”

Interjected David, running his fingers through his red hair. David was a
fellow cadet here at NAIS and one of James Midnights best friends and the Wolfhounds pilot. They had
met several years back when James attended a conference with his Father on
Tharkad. Both of their parents had been apart of the Federated side of the
delegation. They had both met the tenacious Isabella Valkyrie on New Avalon
before coming to the academy a few months ago.

“Might want to get that hand looked after first Midnight”

Chimed in Perkins, the operator of the simulation pods and a Warrant Officer.

“After that we’ll go over the after action report, then you morons can have


They all blurted simultaneously. While Ivy had played quite dumb about the fact
that she would be entering the same training programme as they would. It didn’t
stop James Midnight from making a delightful ass of him self explaining to her
about what He and David would be learning. Ever since then they had been trying to “one
up” the other in training. If he had to score the 1,200 Metre shot on the
Sniper Range. Ivy had to make the 1,500 Metre shot, if she missed the mark.
She’d train with such a fury you would think the idea that a MechWarrior wasn’t
a perfect Solider. Was just to big an idea, they were apart of a “special”
training programme. Where the best applicants were cross trained in a little
bit of every thing. They could pilot ‘Mechs, hovercraft, VTOL’s, you name it
and they could shoot it like a professional. One day if they all lived through
the training exercises they might make it into the most elite part of the
Military Intelligence community. The training was both in line with that of the
common grunt and MI4 and MI6 commandos. In a ‘Mech or bare handed they would be
able to strike the enemies of the Federated Commonwealth and no one would know
who it was. Yet in the end, they were to become the Elite of the Elite, the
very best that their nations military could train.



Battletech, MechWarrior e.t.c. are the property of their respective owners and what not. — Just the short mumblings of an old Battletech lover here.

I once had been working on a short book with the same two characters. But never found time to finish. I remember the whole thing had started out as a bit of a day dream.

When I was working on the book I found it very easy to right James Midnight and Isabella Valkyrie as they we’re based on two people. In Midnights case on my self, in Ivy’s well… personality on the person, name a variant of a game character that shares the same first name. And the looks a mixture of both (although I’d never admit it hehe). Some day I should get around to finishing it really.

It was to be a very nice mixture of ‘Mech based action on plenty of CQC, I had been an SAS_Rct at the time or got the tags some time into the project. With the possibility of a sequel and prequel but alas, never the time.