A ROFL moment

Many a time I’ve seen a Pack of Root beer come with a broken can or sticky where one had broken in another package. Rough handling from truck to stocking shelves I’ve always figured.

I was carrying a plate into the kitchen when some thing fell. I heard a clatter and saw a spray of some thing cross the cabinets. When I flicked on the lights and saw what must have happened, I nearly keeled over laughing.

The falling knife sliced open a can of root beer, through the packaging and it’s a knife that would barely cut butter!!!!!!!!

On closer inspection I found that the position of the knife on the deck indicated it’s most probable trajectories would’ve had the tip-area of the blade strike the root beer carton. The piece of box was cut through and when I removed the can it spewed root beer all over and I found that the can had been cut through! It’s only a milimetre or so thick at the most I’d say. But most Soda cans are made of Aluminum in the USA, while most canned food cans are Steel and some Tin. The knife hit it with enough force for total penetration.

Now if it was a good knife I could understand, no problem but come on. These knifes are probably older then I am. So, I’m 19 and we’ve had them as far back as I can remember. So they’ve got to be at least 15 years old, minimal. They cut food fine, if you work at it enough and it’s not to thick. These are the kind of knife, you like to have for safety. :/ My moms had numerous accidents over the decade where a *good* knife would’ve taken most of her finger, maybe even cut down to the bone. But because she was using *these* dinner knifes, she always managed to get away without even a CUT ! Even me, I’ve dropped them and had them land on my toes -> Not even a scratch!!

Yet with a little bit of Gravity and what not, it packed enough force to CUT through the box (1.5~2mmm thick), through the can, totally gashing open a slit in one side of the can. And the Root Beer had enough force to spray out of the can, box, and a foot (~0.4m?) across the room till it finally hit some thing solid.

You’d probably have to have been there to find it funny, but I was having a real Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Freaking Butt Off (ROFLMFBO) moment!!! I’ve been around these knifes most of my life and have had canned soft drinks like forever. I was laughing so hard my mom was even cracking up at the site of it.