Enough, it’s time!

Ok… I’m tired of waiting. I could have a FreeBSD 6.2-Release + KDE3 setup working before PC-BSD v1.4 is released.

Phase I

I’ve unpacked my backups and reorganized/cleaned my home directory. It really needed it. CRAP, I forgot to backup my codecs…. Oh well just a quick trip to mplayers website. I zipped up the ‘new’ home directory into about 1.6-1.8gb of archive.

Phase IIA

I removed all my storage partitions and replaced it with a 5GB FAT32 slice using Knoppix + QTParted. Booted back into PC-BSD v1.3.4 and downloaded the backups via SMB to the FAT32 partition

Phase IIB

Booted Knoppix and used QTParted to erase the PC-BSD partitoin and create a huge ext2 slice. I left about 23mb free and have an active ext2 slice for PC-BSD to reformat.

Phase III

Installed the system… Found a possible bug in the installer and sent a msg out to Testing. My webmails still a reck…

Phase VI

Now to boot her, reinstall my backups and get my baby back in action.

The GOOD thing, is if any thing happens to my data. All of the important stuff is backed up in 6 places, the OS Config in 3-4 places too.

more later.