The war is on

Well so far all is working semi-well…

The K-Menu key does not always work on every boot.

I’ve managed to piss off my router and vice versa trying to convice it that two machines asking for the same IP is not smart.

After a period of time the laptop totally locks up and has to be powered off by force (button). Can’t restart X or switch to a virtual tty ! Not sure what does this… System ran 6.1-Release under the hood no problem. So I doubt 6.2-Stable is any problem (I hope), the only *major* change other then that is Xorg 7.2 instead of 6.9…

I’ve been dicking with the xorg.conf file merging some changes from my old file from xorg 6.9… Hopefully it’ll fix it. I’ve aslo disabled the Beryl thingy on boot up, if it happens again (lock up) I’ll probably try killing HAL. After that test turning ACPI off, after that… boot safe mode and scream.

Fetching ports now, so hopefully I’ll be able to get some stuff setup. Most of my home directory is ready to go, I should probably dump /home and move it to my server just in case.