Things I would pay for….

Being an extraordinarily stingy bastard, I’m generally only willing to pay for what I need or want a lot. An example would be The Regiment, I want the game… So I’d be willing to buy it. I don’t need an IDE so why would I buy Microsoft Visual Studio??? And to be honest I’d rather make a charitable donation because of how much I love and use Vim then pay for MS Visual Studio $_$

I’m used to not having a lot of money, so needless to say while I don’t have problems spending a lot of money. When I do spend my money it is often as carefully Analyzed and as wisely as I can.

Products and services I would pay for if I could afford to:

  1. Strongspace
    • Strongspace would save me so much trouble. Not only would it make things easier then having to set stuff up on my lan and configure every thing (clients/servers) and deal with Winsucks | Nix relations… Namely that Windows my options. My server lacks a good sized hard drive so I can’t even make use of a similar solution with my own hardware. Even the cheapest plan on strongspace could probably hold my entire home directory! 5GB storage for $15/month is not bad. The medium plan costs more (25GB Storage for $50/month) but it could hold all of my personal data on the network. Geeze my laptop doesn’t even have 25GB of data on its 80GB disk. And my server has less free-space then strongspaces startup plan offers :/. If I could afford strongspace I would definitely go for it fast

  2. Live Journal
    • While I wasn’t sure if I would like it at first, nore blogs at all. Since I started using Live Journal I’ve come to like it quite a lot. If I had the spare money I’d go for a paid account. While my account at this time is basic and I do occasionally experiment with setting it to Plus (ad supported), feature wise I’ve found Basic (free, no advertisements) to be more then enough. A paid account would probably be more helpful to LJ then useful for me. I like Live Journal so I think it would be worth while even if I don’t need the extras;-)

  3. Ippimail
    • Webmail with a heart, they use Squirrel Mail with several plug ins and a custom theme. It looks very nice and provides a lot of features for a free service. Most of there setup is using Open Source Software and a portion of their profits goes to charities and supporting OSS Projects. The ads on the webmail are basically what pay them. The advertisements on the webmail are very on-obtrusive and dispite having filled out the surveys to the fullest, I have _NEVER_ gotten an ounce of spam from ippimail. I wish I could say the same about my ISP !!! Ippimail has saved my mail… Since I can’t afford a new UFD and mailx+lynx on my server would be a bitch. I’ve all ready tried mutt+lynx, I liked it but not when people sent me HTML mail ! I’m glad ippimail is free, because I probably wouldn’t be able to use it other wise 🙁 but it is a service I would pay for if I could + had to.

  4. DX For Nix
    • Some way to play any game on Linux and BSD and an assurance that any game would work. Would be worth a small fortune to me. The closest thing to it only works for Linux based systems but not on BSD using the Linux ABI. I don’t use GNU/Linux very often. Although I’d rather run a GNU/Linux Distro on my desktop then Windows XP hehe.

  5. Vim
    • If I ever win the lotto, oh boy is there going to be a donation sent this way 🙂