www.ippimail.com offers a free webmail service, the catch?

You get a few advertisements in the webmail interface, to be honest I barely notice them unless I’m looking for them. Many peoples sig-blocks on internet forums are more obtrusive. A single line appended to out going E-Mails as well. Just a sig-block consisting of a one or two lines of message I think.


Email and shopping with the feelgood factor!
55% of income to good causes. http://www.ippimail.com

Compared to some mail I’ve received with a yahoo html ad a page long at the end of the E-Mail!! This is no problem for me.

The money they get from it, goes to them and a good portion of it to several charities which is a very good thing IMHO. Plus like 10% to supporting Open Source Projects, a very nice thing considering that they use a lot of FOSS.

The Webmail is essentially a Squirrel Mail setup with a number of plug ins and customizations. Including a theme thats much nicer then any of the ones I’ve seen come with Ippimail, which are not provided ^_^. The usual set of style sheets and features of course.

I’ve come to enjoy using Squirrel Mail and when I learned about Ippimail it was from reading about Squirrel Mail on Wikipedia, so I knew I’d probably get a good Web mail interface. What I was worried about was the ads and possibility of spam. I remember when I had registered for a free Hotmail account some years back, it was like being placed in the worlds biggest Please_Spam_Me_List loool.

With ippimail I registered for the account and filled out even the extra questionnaire, which is for targeting the ads better and what not. So far I have gotten _0_ spam E-Mails !!! Heck, I get more then that from my ISP’s account. The data involved not really a major security risk ether. The Terms of Use and Privacy Policy is compatible with my views, and I can be quite pissy about agreeing to such things too.

I’ve only had two issues with Ippimail and I’ve found excellent service if thats what you want to call it. The average response time has been within 24 hours. And very friendly support for issues, unlike a call to an ISP. No need to call 3 freaking times to get some one competent, an issue on ippimail gets some ones attention, that actually can tell the difference between a file and a folder. I’ve been very satisfied with Ippimail in every thing I’ve seen and I’m a rather picky bastard :/

Maybe that’s the difference between the people at Ippimail and those at an ISP, they ain’t doing it just for $$$$.

One thing that I really love about the Squirrel Mail software they chose for the actual webmail interface. Is because it’s output is all HTML (with Javascript optional) and the people creating it had a nice brain. You can customize a lot of the User Interface, a very nice feature for people like me (Yes I am a KDE user not a Gnome user :-P).

We have the ability to have mail forwarded to another account, e.g. Ippimail to your Primary E-Mail. To have Ippimail fetch messages from another account (via POP3) and to set up Mail and Spam filters. It can filter messages into different folders based on the filter rules. And even provides a Spam/Anti-virus filter option. I’ve never needed them but my Ippimail account is basically my personal E-Mail address, so I’m not prone to signing up for accounts with it (I use my ISP’s SpamMeAlot address for that).

The address book used while composing mail is crappy IMHO but if one enables the Javascript version you get a quite nice one. It’s also never tripped my popup blocker or slowed down my browser ether. If Konquerors (annoying) Javascript engine can handle it fine I’d be even happier with it. Unfortunately while Ippimail seems to use the import/export address book plugin (hooah!). It can only handle CVS files, one thing I like about this; especially since you can customise the output. Is it means it’s not to hard to use other tools (sed, awk, perl, e.t.c) to process the file into a format more suitable for other things of Unix nature. But it means no real support for Outlook Express or Thunderbird address books 🙁

E-Mail storage is roughly 250MB right now, not as big as some (like gmail) but it’s more then enough for most people I think. Unless you’re prone to storing a lot of junk mail with attachments :/ Even with a real mother load of messages piling up, I’ve never surpassed 30-50mb before. If I really wanted to keep a few 100MB of mail in storage, I’d download it and archive+compress it %_%

The UI is fairly intruitive as any you’ll find and easy to change in options. It’s also very easy on the eyes, in addition to a simple E-Mail system. It comes with fairly simple Calendar, To-do list, and notes system. They even will provide a Blog with the account if wanted. Since I use Live Journal, I’ve never investigated it. I rarly use it for more then E-Mail but I’m interested in the To-Do and Notes plugins they have installed.

As a Web based Mail User Agent of sorts, I’ve found Squirrel Mail top notch and Ippimail to be a great provider. I’ve used many programs but never really been happy with any for E-Mail. Especially for dealing with mail in _volume_ and from multiple PC’s. So far, ippimails usage of squirrel mail has proven to be one arrangement I really like.

The website is quite compact and down to business, I like it even if it’s not very flashy. Theres links for site news, blogs, shopping, and google-searching. The thing Ippimail does best is E-Mail and thats what I use it most for 🙂

I almost went with a gmail account but didn’t quite like Googles policy, when I found out about ippimail I probed for awhile and thought about it. Then I dove in head first and I’m glad I did. I don’t like software that gets in my way, I like software that helps me get my work done, efficiently!