Secret Dreams

There is a project that has been weighing on my mind a lot for a while now. I think soon the time may be right to launch it.

The problem is, I need a 2nd who I can trust to carry it on to fruition, even without me if necessary. Yet who is active and able to contribute to the project well as part of a team.

For what I have in mind, I had always figured me and Rasa would split the job. So his retirement right now is a bit of a misfortune.

Rasa I would say is my equal in experience, maybe greater (he was Rct before me). While we have never really agreed over every little detail. I’d like to think we have often balanced each other out when it comes to Tactics and business in the [SAS]. My time as an SNCO and working on the SOP Rewrites and what not. Has shown that. I think the SOP Rewrites have benefited greatly by our working together.

Theres no saying that the project will ever be approved…. But I will begin work on its early documentation.

The issue of who to second me (i.e. be in charge of the project when I’m not around and serve as a fellow EL). What I have in mind requires a dedicated, active, and senior tactical member… Those who could do it in my place don’t have time for it. I don’t really need another thing on my plate… But I don’t know any one else I could trust to take the lead on it.

My best candidates for a 2IC of the project are all less then optimal, even I am not an optimal choice lol.. But it’s the situation I have to work in if I am to prepare for this possible project.

I’ll ready the files and worry about the rest later.

What will happen, if the tip of the spear get sharper? 🙂