Since my unconventional training ideas been approved. I’m planning on letting it rip for Saturday in TG#1 (RvS). Since Scouts Live Op may go green light on Sunday. I’m probably going to try and get a training session done in SWAT4 before or after the live op. I expect that I’ll probably have to do it another day though.

Because what I have planned for with SWAT4, I can really do any day I can get a training session going. But it will take the better part of my day to do it, so I’ll probably end up doing it another day of the week :-(. But I’d much rather see Scouts Live Op be a success.

It would also be nice if I could manage NOT getting shot in the tookus this time… I think most live ops I’ve been in I’ve managed to get shot, even when I lived. I remember the operation on that Mogadishu Mile map. Me and Lazko finished it, last men standing. Including me with a SD Sniper rifle and a Glock 17 both critically low on Ammo and thankful you can’t bleed to death from injuries in SWAT4 like in AAO lolol.

My top secret project is doing good. Most of the doc written last night. I hope to have a chance to talk with Noer about what he thinks. I’m also some what hesitent to suggest employing the doc I’ve written when I consider the potentional ramifications of it being put into practice. Should it get into wild spread usage throughout [SAS]. But I still would like to do it, even if only on a small scale… One dedicated team even.

I still have a few things to work on but I’m mostly cought up with the important stuff. Next weekend if the boss doesn’t have any huge todo lists. It might turn into a semi-vacation for me. Good thing I didn’t find time to clean my laptop yet… It means being around 6 dogs for 3 days. And my Laptops never recovered from last time!!!

It also might interfere with a little rendezvous…. but can’t help that. I’d rather have the time to rest any way then.. Well I’m not saying any details ^_^.