To Do

Play with xemacs

Check out Desktopoperations.txt

Install some MS Windows tools

Reorganize home directory (fun!)

find time to test some synchronization software

work on finding a new standard web browser (firefox 3.0a != fast enough on laptop)

clean up Desktop…. I hate icons !!!

test setting up a mic on desk

copy my ippimail address book to my sasclan[dot]org one

continue ‘special’ operation planing….

finish R^5RS and get a PDF/PS copy of it

Get a PDFPS copy of UNIX V6 source code

Get my ass in TG#1 before I go crazy !!!!

E-Mail Noer about that Report Form idea and talk about it before taking it up with GCHQ.

The rest of my TODO list, well can wait.. til I remember it.