I like

Well, I’ve developed a new profanity of sorts (for me).

Dang fucking gum it !

Haha, I like that balance for some reason =/

Dang gum it — Dad’s style

Fuck — My Moms favorite word lol.

I generally try not to curse…. And almost never when in [SAS] Tags. But when I’m tired it works well when I’m ’round the rest of the world and in private.

Needless to say, I’m prone to muttering “For !@#$s sake” at work often enough. I think I like the sound of Dang !@#%ing Gum It! Better +S.

Ok, so I’m weird =/

I spent almost 16-17 years without cursing actually. I don’t care much for profanity but, I’ve been like the only one in my family that doesn’t curse for mmaaaaaannnnyyyyy years lol.