For website:


For SAS Skin Packs:

Switch to heavy pants for all heavy armour (try to fix gfx bug)

strip all emblems from heavy pants

re position all arm patches on light pants

fix sabre packages

make drill instructor skin (maybe SoliderMilhaus91 can help us on this one)

Fix typo’s in loadout screen

remove ‘box’ from Green and Gray BDU sets (and find suitable heavy pants for each)

import new face print and no armour vest (vest maybe needs a colour dab on text)

Be extremely thankful for SoliderMilhaus91 and Miles helping with this!!!

*probably* fix Special Air Service text on back of light armour (team colour tag blares it out a lot).

Also todo:

Make minor adjustments to the Personal uniforms Milhaus has supplied, namely fixing the class files so the names fit in the loadout and chaning a few colours.

Make installer with SAS Assault Kit (Black, Green, Blue), Drill Instructor, and Sabre Squad skins (Based on SWAT3 Sabre Uniform). Maybe include LAPD package.

Make installer with the Custom skins, SAS Personals and SoliderMilhaus91’s LAPD uniform (without whoem we would not have such a great SAS Black kit 🙂 )