Busy day

Dang gum it has been a busy day.

Had plenty for work to day and I’ve spent most of my time off work hacking at the SOP Rewrites. Trying to get stuff sent off to GCHQ to approve.

So far the parts of the Table of Contents that have made it to GCHQ are:

   3. The Element Formation
1. Roles Within an Element
1. Summery of Roles Within an Element Formation
2. Organising the Element
1. Fixed Element Formation
2. Liquid Element Formation
4. Standard Equipment
5. Equipment Handling
1. Shooting Techniques
2. Target Discrimination
3. Reloading
4. Tactical Aids
6. Room Clearing
2. Dominating the Room
1. Points of Dominance
2. Areas of Responsibility
3. Securing the Room
7. Rules of Engagement
1. Definitions
2. Classification of Threat
8. Planning and Leading
1. Way of Engagement
1. Dynamic
2. Stealth
3. Notable Variations
9. Appendix I: Battle Drills
1. Making Entry
1. Bang and Clear
2. Breach, Bang, and Clear
3. Shotgun Breach, Bang, Clear

I am making an updated talk as I send out the sections. So that list is not accurate in number or position. It’s just the parts that have made it to the Nit picking by HQ phase.

Almost 0400 here, time for bed…. Good thing work is in the afternoon or I wouldn’t have been able to get this much stuff done.

I bet GCHQ is going to drive me crazy some how….. lol