A set of strange dreams…

At first, I was a bounty hunter competing with an old flame (and apparently a bounty huntress) over the current query (female)…. Trying to avoid being killed by, involved with, or injured by either of them while still scoring the bounty. Rather interesting dream now that I think of it lol.

And the second, ordered by an ex member of the Beetles to track down and actor to be his Executive Producer for a film, or “kill him” if he said no. It was like being one of Fat Tony’s goons on the Simpson’s lol.

It’s normal for me to have crazy dreams, if I dream at all. I don’t put much stock in any of my dreams. Because they tend to get very weired after awhile.

It seems I’ll have no days off this week, got dog runs from now til Thursday. Lucky for me, the Live Op I have planned should still be able to go according to schedule, good thing I planned on an early launch time for it. I don’t think I’ve *really* had a day off in 3 or 4 weeks now. It would be nice just to have a few days where I don’t have to do any thing for ‘having to get it done’.

Hmm, maybe some day I’ll get lucky and win the lotto… Thus being able to afford a nice 6-week, all expenses paid vacation to Hawaii to re-cooperate from being over worked.