Speed Runs

Dang it I’ve done this 3 times all failures…. Hostages keep getting into cross fire and the USP40 JHP has more penetration then you would think lol.

My new personal speed goal is < 2:00 and >= %60 accuracy

2:12 -> 62%, = FAIL, barrel room blew up and another hostage got FMJ through a hostages arm.

1:58, -> 60% = FAIL, Two hostages killed in crossfire… they just walked into it

1:53 -> 69% = FAIL, A few hostages died in cross fire…. barrel room and one LOF.

Screens shots on my destop…

I’d kind of like to be able to score a passing grade in my own training challenge lol…….. Grrrr….. Tomorrows another day.

The Spidey Speed Run Challenge doesn’t even have any one on the score board… If those dang hostages would learn to duck instead of walk around life would be eaiser lol… What persion IRL is stupid enough to want to get shot in a HR ? lool.