Borg wars?

Far be it from me not to admit I have some crazy dreams… laugh out loud.

I dreamed that I was aboard a Sovereign class starship on escort duty in the middle of a bitter United Federation of Planets Vs Borg war.

Surrounded by a swarm of smaller borg scout-strike craft and most of the convoy assimilated. The Soverign class ship tried fighting off the swarm but it didn’t do any good, just to many ships to keep remodulating our weapons to.

So the Captain ordered all power transfered from weapons to what was left of our forward shield grid…

And we chased down and rammed every last one of those little bastards head on at warp speed!

Using the reinforced frontal shields and the navigational deflector to take the brunt of the damage and the Structural Itegerty Field (SIF) to keep us in one piece… Crazist dang thing I’ve ever seen but it worked great haha! The littler ships were just to much smaller then us, that they couldn’t hold up to the force of impact of such a massive force 😉

The fictional-fact that most of what were left of the ships shield emitters would’ve been to damaged by heat build up beyond use if we tried that after duking it out in combat so hard… Is probably irrelivent as far as dreams go lol but still.

Hmm, maybe I should’ve skept reading star trek tech-manuals when I was little hehe.