Dreams and Ironies

One of the staple backdrops that often appear in my dreams, is a derivative of the apartment where I lived from about age eleven or twelve into my early twenties. It’s actually been kind of an oddity, that I never, or almost never dreamt of the apartments that I lived in after that. I’ve wondered whether or not that would remain true for this house.

The other day, I had a dream involving my garage and an issue of garage door that kept trying to open itself, followed by chasing a box that literally ran off, until a cap leapt out of it. Ironically, this morning I was dreaming of discussing both this trend, and how much nightmare fuel the utility room had provided where it’s often been enlarged to like three times the size. And mentioned yesterday’s dream, get this? All while at that old apartment, and right outside of said utility room 😅

Aside from that old apartment’s style being a bit dated, since it had a fairly distinctive T-junction design, it’s a relatively easy to identify place. Especially when you lived there for like thirteen years of your life, and memorized things well enough to navigate in the dark well enough to find candles and flashlights, lol.

Dreams and stresses

I found it a curious set of dreams when I woke up this morning. On the more positive side, I dreamt of waking up to find the dogs and had time to give them all hugs before waking up in the middle of the night. In another dream it involved traveling with my mother and sneaking past dangers and onto a long train ride.

I’m just gonna say, that first one was much nicer than the 50-foot tall bipedal squirrel with dragon headed tentacles and muscles on its muscles out to eat people in the woods. Actually, everything was a lot nicer than that part!

Typically, the quality of my dreams tends to shift. That life of late has been elevated stress, probably doesn’t help very much. But I never cease to be amazed at some of the weird shit that I dream of.

When dreaming of being lead down a shaft by Kurtwood Smith and into an extreme Xenomorph infestation with a bunch of hapless pulse rifle totting goons in jumpsuits, always remember to bring Ripley’s flamethrower–and extra tanks of flame sauce for when things go south. Bringing a few marines with M56 Smart Guns wouldn’t hurt either but my dream didn’t include any such support :'(

I find this somewhat curious since most times my dreams are filled with xenomorphs: usually my experience takes on the role of running around in the USCM’s ol’ M3 armour and assorted armaments. Or just myself. Like that one knife fight with an Alien Queen many years ago. But dreams are weird.

It’s probably appropriate though that the flamethrower design was closer to the ’92 action figure I had as a kid than the M240 Incinerator Unit we see in the second film Ellen Ripley’s action figure featured a rather more dedicated approach to flamethrower action.

But in any case: I say roast them all.

What a terrible dream…. was doomed to drive endless laps around a monster track… filled with Atlanta drivers!

Woke up at 0600 just to get back to coding before work. Fell asleep trying to figure out the solution to a problem and dreamed of getting my eyes checked, ending up dizzy as heck. Woke up and fell asleep trying to figure out if the compiler is smart enough to tune the solution without my “Help”. Then dreamed of chasing Escrt around a modified RvS game with iron sights, before falling down a 50~70m pit in the process lol.

It’s true, reading around MSDN is that boring.

Well, I’m awake o/. Still got up at an ungodly hour but instead of getting started on exercises and code, I forced myself to stay put and try and go back to sleep… took a few boring hours. To top it off, I’ve still been up since near dawn lol.

Much like the last time, this lead to an odd style of dream, best described as Metal Gear Solid meets Transformers meshed with a show down against the this beast from Mobile Fighter G Gundam.

Ok, when you dream of the earth being invaded by rapidly multiplying martions and suddenly have to make like any other red blooded American, by repulsing invaders via finding and dual wielding HG Wells’ Slinky’s. Then you know you are officially crazy lol. On the upside, it’s the most pleasant dream I’ve had in a long time, and I find it fitting that The Time Machine is on late nite TV.

Just woke up, couldn’t have dozed off for more than 15-20 minutes. Dreamt everything ended up suitably close to exploding or agonizingly ambiguous, that by the time dreams became peaceful, I could sense my mind grepping to find it’s way back and sort things out. I nearly woke up screaming.

I really think my sleep patterns are setting a new level in ridiculousness.