Dreams and Ironies

One of the staple backdrops that often appear in my dreams, is a derivative of the apartment where I lived from about age eleven or twelve into my early twenties. It’s actually been kind of an oddity, that I never, or almost never dreamt of the apartments that I lived in after that. I’ve wondered whether or not that would remain true for this house.

The other day, I had a dream involving my garage and an issue of garage door that kept trying to open itself, followed by chasing a box that literally ran off, until a cap leapt out of it. Ironically, this morning I was dreaming of discussing both this trend, and how much nightmare fuel the utility room had provided where it’s often been enlarged to like three times the size. And mentioned yesterday’s dream, get this? All while at that old apartment, and right outside of said utility room 😅

Aside from that old apartment’s style being a bit dated, since it had a fairly distinctive T-junction design, it’s a relatively easy to identify place. Especially when you lived there for like thirteen years of your life, and memorized things well enough to navigate in the dark well enough to find candles and flashlights, lol.