Scaling Done Right

Before I undocked Shion, I had a desktop full of stuff, roughly in the form of three windows across the top of the display, two across the bottom, with a mini-player of music in the corner.

While I was undocked, I was mostly doing other things.

Coming upstairs and re-docking, I’m pleasantly happy that everything is effectively where I left it before transitioning from a 32″/2160p screen to my laptop’s 13.6″/1664p screen.

If anything, this is one of the reasons I’ve come to prefer one big-ass monitor over two proper sized monitors, and have come to appreciate macOS’s scaling methods being sane. That is to say, it’s not like going a dinner platter to a postage stamp, so much as roomy to cozy and back again. A far cry, from for example, eons ago having the problems of shifting a PC between 600p, 768p, and 1200p screens causing tons of ruckus and disorder.