Fell asleep in the middle of a conversation that just started: dreamt that I was an agent stowed away in an insane asylum in deep space,  and was setting off a nerve gas to distract local NBC troops guarding it. Woke up and checked the time stamps on the chat log and less than 12 minutes passed :-S.

Upside of having little to do in the morning: sometimes I doze off.
Downside: I naturally wake back up in a few minutes.

Resistence is futile: I can’t sleep

Oh how I tried -/. Either I would dream of coding this super RoR app, something that’s been on my mind of late; but I’ve evaded because I’ve not the focus left, to spend that much time in deep concentration. My mouth is watering just thinking about dreaming about coding. It’s very rare that I have ever dreamt of coding, usually it comes when I code excessively or can’t code for a stretch. This time of life is more a stretch.

Before I woke up to wide awake, I was dreaming that I was walking cover for my friend, who was on point. Like a SWAT team going through an office, the real thing: not a game.  Reminds me of just how much [SAS] waters down the art form, to an almost child like level; at least, that’s the level I had to play at to keep within an acceptable margin of those infernal training standards. It was an exhilarating dream. We moved through as the tip of about a 4-6 man clearing team, I had an M4 and a M1911, decked out, M4 even had one of those illumenator/pointer thingys mounted that you would use with NVGs. I can’t remember the name of it right now. Reminds me, supposed to get together for some RvS at some point, wonder if he’s learned to shoot yet. It’s easier to practice IRL, but I reckon a game is useful. I know more than average, because I take it from a realistic perspective, real buildings make better simulations to analyze then video games do.

Now I’m wide awake, tried going back to sleep for a bit, really tried.. but can’t just hit my head into the wall. Probably a good idea, but I’ve to little brains left right now, to be able to afford to rattle them thusly. Sigh, I just have to dream of the things I can’t have. At least this time for a big change, I didn’t wake up sweated to the bone.


A lot more so than normal, I’ve been dozing on/off this morning, often just long enough for a snap shot sequence in dreams.

It can remember fighting very vehemently with my mother over present, and some comment about slitting my throat but not putting the knives blade to use; something about an old toy junkbot unsuccessfully trying to help; then something to do with transformers and the autobots/decepticon war, as I got into deeper sleep. I remember collapsing in front of a bust of Christ, and it eventually taking on a life of it’s own to respond, and noting something about a Ford focus zipping by in the street below; my room having changed considerably. I rather had a feeling that it was a person I know, but dressed in disguise. Then some instance involving a nurse and a family, and a small child (reminding me of Corky), and a growing wonder, if my room has become like an asylum, and whether or not I had become crazy and been locked away. Also I can remember something involving shopping in a super market and people shape shifting, and buying a large thing of meat, shuffling through the frozen isles for veggies, etc.. Something else, being home (but not like home), involving family, cooking the meat for a meal, and many birds caged (parakeets, white doves, finches, carnies, etc). Also, I remember playing with some software, looking for friends that use it, but instead, only finding enemies waiting :-/.

The more erratic my sleep becomes, the less often occurring, and more `distributed` my dreams become :-/. I can usually tell what I’m experiecing is a dream, because of the differences from reality, but am almost always a passive spectator.

Sometimes I really wonder, if I’ve cracked the crock, or been pushed to far over the hill….

Always beware of dreaming about a mansion….

Just had a strange dream, but oddly one much more normal for me than what I’ve been having lately. Ended up investigating this large house in the dark as part of a pair, trying to find a way around. Eventually things ended up in day and a small party had formed, and we had gathered a small bit of ordinance, sawed off magnums (yeah baby), glocks, and colt autos.

While securing the mansions first floor, there was an odd situation at the basement, involving a pair of witch-like characters, that when forced into eye contact, caused them to go up in an aura of energy. Spider sense going bananas, of course I made sure the search party was ready for things to go nuts. Following up with plans to search the second floor, one of the party split off without orders and demonstrated quite a bit of mental instability, as well as being convinced at having been cryogenically frozen, and acting like an Alzheimer patent with a glock: not good.

This was however cut short, when groups of Zombies began amassing at the front doors  and breaking into the lobby, thus solving that little problem as a matter of their diet :-/. Ordering the party to fight a delaying action to the stairs, I took point up the stairs as zombies began all but coming out of the wood works! The plan was to get us to the roof before the cartridges ran out. Alternating between dual magnums, a 9mm glock, a .45 colt, and bundles of MKII fragmentation grenades, it was almost like watching Left For Dead with a night of the living dead style melee. Non of my hand to hand combat experience however, has involved a group of anythings trying to eat you..

In finally  fighting our way to the rafters of the roof, only to find zombies climbing the buildings side and busting through the windows and ammo low. A problem solved by sending some of our own through, to get to a chopper and bring it back for pickup of the rest. The only problem, being by the time we all got on the bird, there was only about  1 1/4 minutes fuel left :-D.

Crazy dream but in a way, more relaxing… and better than television.

Like clockwork it seems, I’m awake, and it was just a few minutes before 0700 local time. I had tried, and failed, to make it a habit last year, or waking up early; but recent stuff has cemented it into my internal ordering. It’s like I just start waking up until my eyes flutter open wide awake.

I was dreaming that I was at church, and the helping the pastor look, until we finally found some important clicker that got lost lol.

Strange dreams, involving a family outing and subsequent argument, being on the run trying to protect some woman from a Terminator and Michael Myers like unstoppable killing machine (at least cops cars come with M-16s in my dreams hehe), being knock out and chased by a T-1000 while trying to catch up, to traveling to another dimension where we’re just filming a movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger lol, to the kitchen being overrun with cannibalistic garden spiders battling each other for dominance, including one the size of a large dinner plate that tried fleeing from us “Humans”, only to be smashed by the stock of a shotgun.

I’m happier when I have crazy dreams, it reminds me everything is going O.K. lol.

A new dream cluster..

Somewhat of a strange cluster of dreams :-/. Ranging from hanging out with a female neighbor, to developing a new mobile device (a good one hehe) over lunch, being a Jack Ryan’ish CIA agent sent to an island full of racists, for a meeting with a quack dictator about to be knocked off; who’s as nutty as the guy in The In-Laws, to leading a last stand of Colonial Marines and civilians in a shopping mall, against a brood of Aliens, including a show down against a non-canonical but really pissed off King Alien, lol.

All in all through, a much better grade of dreams then I’ve been having lately. It’s usually a good sign when my dreams are mostly non nonsensical, although there seems to be a greater amount of combat involved. *Shrugs* prior to the last swing change in dreams, half my night was spent dreaming about the code I wanted to get written lol. I don’t place the same level of analysis on dreams that some people I know do, and I don’t think I would want to; I merely remember the interesting ones. Sometimes I draw similarities, such as reoccurring terrain/environments that find their way into several dreams.

There’s only ever been 4 or 5 dreams to ever scare me in my 21 years of life, even though most dreams I’ve ever had in the past 8’ish, could likely be called a nightmare by most peoples definition of such. On the other hand there is significantly few things that can phase me, that dreams rarely have any impact on me. Should we just say, I’m not easily frightened, either in the real world or dream world. There’s enough outlandlish things in my dreams, that I’m usually aware that it’s not reality, somewhere in the back of my mind; perhaps that helps?

Dreams of haunted Hexadecimals

I dreamt there was two of us exloring a large house, of the dark and scary kind, like a brother / sister pair; much younger. The house was rather dark but vaguely reminds me of a real one somewhere; perhaps a strange composite of several places I’ve been. At one point I caught a roach, and she ordered me to put it out side, so I opened the door and let it scurry away – never mind that it was probably on the 2nd floor, but oh well lol. I noted that the clouds were rolling away into the distance, looked like a storm would be done passing by soon. We again returned to the search of the house, the girl being drawn to one of the doors and wanting us to split up; let’s just say, even without any lucidity, I’ve seen to many horror films over the years to fall for that ^_^. So, we headed in, it looked somewhat like a childs room, but not quite the nursery feeling that came to mind; for some reason it makes me think of an old movie about a haunted house, but I can’t remember the name of it. There was a strange picture and the girl appeared to be memorized with this room :/.

My “Spider sense” if you wish to call it so, started busing – ducking my head out the door, I saw Hexadecimal creeping about downstairs, and urged us to flee. No luck, the girl was to hypnotized by the room, another look out the door, showed Hex was creeping up the stair case; I flung open an inner door and rushed into a side room, calling for her to follow. No such luck, so I slammed it behind myself and bugged out FAST, catching sight of Hexadecimal going into the room… In a last ditch (insane?) effort, I shouted until I got Hexes attention, then flipped myself over the stairs railing; making a set of “Drops” until reaching the ground floor. Ok, guess I’ve played to many Tomb Raider games in my life on that account lol. On hanging from the last railing, I excerted some kind of influnce, taking control of the house and demanding that all return to normal; resulting in Hex being deleted lol.

The next thing I can remember, is the two of us looking around again, and going through a hallway on the ground floor, with large windows overlooking the grounds, but it was dark as night out; where as before it had merely been a stormy evening. Someone warned us about our parents being due home soon, and I suddenly got a notion of what happens to movie Vampires when the sun comes up! In further exploring we found a wall that ‘rolled up’, revealing an old man with a work shop. I remember the visuals more then how to describe it, but it involved Python, dots, and a stuffed rabit. The last thing I remember, is chasing a leaping frog around, trying to catch it with a shoe box and get it into the bug catch. When suddenly it became a giant roach, like one of those rain forest critters the size of your hand. When it got lose and tried crawling over my foot, I woke up around 1015Q with my leg kicking at the covers! I haven’t had a wake-up like that in a looong time. Maybe it is a good thing that in the morning, Willow switches from my bed, to the couch in the living room.

My dreams are usually non sense, even at their finest moments.

No luck what so ever in trying to get to sleep, I logged off with about 9 minutes of battery power left on my laptop, and spent the rest of the night pondering as usual. It might’ve been 0400-0500Q by the time I finally crashed.

Woke up around 0830Q, having dreamed of Buzz Lightyear leading the Predacons against Optimus Primal and the Maximals, in an attempt to renew the Beast Wars. I know everything is well, when my dreams are total non sense lol.

A surprise of being off work until tonight, means I’m not stuck on a back to back, it also means I got to sleep decently for a change, but oy what cooky dreams. Involving being hit on my a qay man, and me walking off with the thoughts, “This is the craziest dream ever, and I think I’m going to barf”. To a conspiracy involving people from the Roman Catholic church and being shanghaied into the hands of a hidden Go’auld system lord. Yeah, crazy as a lune ain’t it all? Before I woke up, I dreamed that I was working at a large company where the PHB pushed the final button, and before you knew it, we had unanimously declared mutiny! And brought the entire place to a technological halt 😉

The only time I worry, is if my dreams are sane instead of being mad as a hatter at a tea party lol