Always beware of dreaming about a mansion….

Just had a strange dream, but oddly one much more normal for me than what I’ve been having lately. Ended up investigating this large house in the dark as part of a pair, trying to find a way around. Eventually things ended up in day and a small party had formed, and we had gathered a small bit of ordinance, sawed off magnums (yeah baby), glocks, and colt autos.

While securing the mansions first floor, there was an odd situation at the basement, involving a pair of witch-like characters, that when forced into eye contact, caused them to go up in an aura of energy. Spider sense going bananas, of course I made sure the search party was ready for things to go nuts. Following up with plans to search the second floor, one of the party split off without orders and demonstrated quite a bit of mental instability, as well as being convinced at having been cryogenically frozen, and acting like an Alzheimer patent with a glock: not good.

This was however cut short, when groups of Zombies began amassing at the front doors  and breaking into the lobby, thus solving that little problem as a matter of their diet :-/. Ordering the party to fight a delaying action to the stairs, I took point up the stairs as zombies began all but coming out of the wood works! The plan was to get us to the roof before the cartridges ran out. Alternating between dual magnums, a 9mm glock, a .45 colt, and bundles of MKII fragmentation grenades, it was almost like watching Left For Dead with a night of the living dead style melee. Non of my hand to hand combat experience however, has involved a group of anythings trying to eat you..

In finally  fighting our way to the rafters of the roof, only to find zombies climbing the buildings side and busting through the windows and ammo low. A problem solved by sending some of our own through, to get to a chopper and bring it back for pickup of the rest. The only problem, being by the time we all got on the bird, there was only about  1 1/4 minutes fuel left :-D.

Crazy dream but in a way, more relaxing… and better than television.