Things found whilst cleaning ~

  • Backups of my old RvS and SWAT 4 keybinds, in Englush and German.
  • Old BF2  profile data backed up from 2009
  • A collection of xfire chatlogs dating back to 2007-2008; usually I trim my logs every couple of years
  • Copy of my bookmarks, left over from the original migration to ma.gnolia.
  • A copy of the first chat I had with a friend, dated 2008-08-17.
  • Various bits of TeX/LaTeX and troff/nroff documentation
  • Bundle of old programs, including my first C++ projects and many old Ruby, Perl, and Sh scripts.
  • An old document on backing up PC-BSD systems.
  • Some old software manuals, MicroEMACS, NFS systems, Nail, PHP, Java 1.5, ex, etc.
  • Old [SAS] Live Operation files: maps, opords, notes from testing various maps in SWAT 4.
  • An old draft resignation from when Snipers first draft of the SOPs were sent to Rouge for revision.
  • Birthdate of my desktop PC: 2006-02-11. Back than it was top of the line.
  • An old mock up for a personal home page
  • Draft of what hostage rescue on Raven Shields banking house mission, would look like in the near future.if done with real world tactics
  • Plenty of old photos

From all the files either deleted, or moved into cold-backup, I think my home directory is also another fifty megs lighter lol