It’s been a somewhat productive day, but one that’s had me ready to bounce off walls for much of it. With HRP out of my hair for just over an hour, I was able to to move without having to exposing anything to the usual family-de-railing events, that tend to occur whenever my mothers abreast of my plans.

Managed to take care of the enqueued phone calls on my list, including finding info a friend had requested in the same matter. About half a dozen phone calls, and four bits of intelligence to gather, all of which were solved, except for the sole fun one o/. That will have to wait until another target of opportunity since the fishing hole is closed this time of week, but everything that was important got done. Having about 5 minutes to spare, before having to return to a rate of 3-5 interruptions a cycle + being cussed at all day, I also decided to proceed with a few other things that were supposed to wait until post-license.

The main problem, is still that damn license! Reaching the required mark of 40 hours, is proceeding at a rate of roughly 1 1/2 hours x 1 week = meaning 18 weeks more until I’ll have enough hours to apply for a license. Since 5 more of the remaining 27 hours to go, have to be night driving, it’ll probably take longer knowing my mother… I’ve got to find some way around this road blockā€”and without lying about the amount of practice time I’ve had! Perhaps I might not be much good as a person, but when I say that I something, you can generally bet high that it’ll be truthful.