Dreams of haunted Hexadecimals

I dreamt there was two of us exloring a large house, of the dark and scary kind, like a brother / sister pair; much younger. The house was rather dark but vaguely reminds me of a real one somewhere; perhaps a strange composite of several places I’ve been. At one point I caught a roach, and she ordered me to put it out side, so I opened the door and let it scurry away – never mind that it was probably on the 2nd floor, but oh well lol. I noted that the clouds were rolling away into the distance, looked like a storm would be done passing by soon. We again returned to the search of the house, the girl being drawn to one of the doors and wanting us to split up; let’s just say, even without any lucidity, I’ve seen to many horror films over the years to fall for that ^_^. So, we headed in, it looked somewhat like a childs room, but not quite the nursery feeling that came to mind; for some reason it makes me think of an old movie about a haunted house, but I can’t remember the name of it. There was a strange picture and the girl appeared to be memorized with this room :/.

My “Spider sense” if you wish to call it so, started busing – ducking my head out the door, I saw Hexadecimal creeping about downstairs, and urged us to flee. No luck, the girl was to hypnotized by the room, another look out the door, showed Hex was creeping up the stair case; I flung open an inner door and rushed into a side room, calling for her to follow. No such luck, so I slammed it behind myself and bugged out FAST, catching sight of Hexadecimal going into the room… In a last ditch (insane?) effort, I shouted until I got Hexes attention, then flipped myself over the stairs railing; making a set of “Drops” until reaching the ground floor. Ok, guess I’ve played to many Tomb Raider games in my life on that account lol. On hanging from the last railing, I excerted some kind of influnce, taking control of the house and demanding that all return to normal; resulting in Hex being deleted lol.

The next thing I can remember, is the two of us looking around again, and going through a hallway on the ground floor, with large windows overlooking the grounds, but it was dark as night out; where as before it had merely been a stormy evening. Someone warned us about our parents being due home soon, and I suddenly got a notion of what happens to movie Vampires when the sun comes up! In further exploring we found a wall that ‘rolled up’, revealing an old man with a work shop. I remember the visuals more then how to describe it, but it involved Python, dots, and a stuffed rabit. The last thing I remember, is chasing a leaping frog around, trying to catch it with a shoe box and get it into the bug catch. When suddenly it became a giant roach, like one of those rain forest critters the size of your hand. When it got lose and tried crawling over my foot, I woke up around 1015Q with my leg kicking at the covers! I haven’t had a wake-up like that in a looong time. Maybe it is a good thing that in the morning, Willow switches from my bed, to the couch in the living room.

My dreams are usually non sense, even at their finest moments.