A new dream cluster..

Somewhat of a strange cluster of dreams :-/. Ranging from hanging out with a female neighbor, to developing a new mobile device (a good one hehe) over lunch, being a Jack Ryan’ish CIA agent sent to an island full of racists, for a meeting with a quack dictator about to be knocked off; who’s as nutty as the guy in The In-Laws, to leading a last stand of Colonial Marines and civilians in a shopping mall, against a brood of Aliens, including a show down against a non-canonical but really pissed off King Alien, lol.

All in all through, a much better grade of dreams then I’ve been having lately. It’s usually a good sign when my dreams are mostly non nonsensical, although there seems to be a greater amount of combat involved. *Shrugs* prior to the last swing change in dreams, half my night was spent dreaming about the code I wanted to get written lol. I don’t place the same level of analysis on dreams that some people I know do, and I don’t think I would want to; I merely remember the interesting ones. Sometimes I draw similarities, such as reoccurring terrain/environments that find their way into several dreams.

There’s only ever been 4 or 5 dreams to ever scare me in my 21 years of life, even though most dreams I’ve ever had in the past 8’ish, could likely be called a nightmare by most peoples definition of such. On the other hand there is significantly few things that can phase me, that dreams rarely have any impact on me. Should we just say, I’m not easily frightened, either in the real world or dream world. There’s enough outlandlish things in my dreams, that I’m usually aware that it’s not reality, somewhere in the back of my mind; perhaps that helps?