Resistence is futile: I can’t sleep

Oh how I tried -/. Either I would dream of coding this super RoR app, something that’s been on my mind of late; but I’ve evaded because I’ve not the focus left, to spend that much time in deep concentration. My mouth is watering just thinking about dreaming about coding. It’s very rare that I have ever dreamt of coding, usually it comes when I code excessively or can’t code for a stretch. This time of life is more a stretch.

Before I woke up to wide awake, I was dreaming that I was walking cover for my friend, who was on point. Like a SWAT team going through an office, the real thing: not a game.  Reminds me of just how much [SAS] waters down the art form, to an almost child like level; at least, that’s the level I had to play at to keep within an acceptable margin of those infernal training standards. It was an exhilarating dream. We moved through as the tip of about a 4-6 man clearing team, I had an M4 and a M1911, decked out, M4 even had one of those illumenator/pointer thingys mounted that you would use with NVGs. I can’t remember the name of it right now. Reminds me, supposed to get together for some RvS at some point, wonder if he’s learned to shoot yet. It’s easier to practice IRL, but I reckon a game is useful. I know more than average, because I take it from a realistic perspective, real buildings make better simulations to analyze then video games do.

Now I’m wide awake, tried going back to sleep for a bit, really tried.. but can’t just hit my head into the wall. Probably a good idea, but I’ve to little brains left right now, to be able to afford to rattle them thusly. Sigh, I just have to dream of the things I can’t have. At least this time for a big change, I didn’t wake up sweated to the bone.